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The Scene of the Crime takes us into the sleazy, blood-stained world of detective novels. Kind of a Great House Escape as re-imagined by Frank Miller. In a world so noir that sunshine has been legally replaced by ominous street lamps, you play the part of a detective on a murder case. Rather than track down the perpetrator yourself, your job is to collect evidence and put together a case for conviction. Move from room to room as you pick up items for your inventory and try to solve the crime.

The Scene Of The Crime Game Instructions

Point and click your way around the grisly crime scene until you've ticked off all the necessary plot points, and then leave the apartment to conclude the story. Access your briefcase full of forensic tools through the icon in the lower-left.

Point and Click escape / adventure game.
Use Your mouse to search the locations, find objects and solve the puzzles.
game will be saved as You progress.
Game saves itself automatically. You can even close Your browser window at any given time and come back later to the exact place You left and continue the adventure.
You can use up to 5 different save slots for saving Your progress.

Right click for game settings (toggle music, sound effects and quality).
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Played: 17.344 times
Category: Action games » Detective games
Author: Pastel Games
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