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Nobuyuki Forces 3 Online Game

Nobuyuki Forces 3 Game Description

Shoot all your enemy before they shoot you! There is the hideout of Mr. Nobuyuki on the island of Pacific Ocean. Nobuyuki who had related with the certain government calls out a mercenary all over the world with his power. After his retirement, his power still has huge political influence. We want him to really retire from the political world. There is an hideout, a secret place. Try to save the world by discover the place.

Nobuyuki Forces 3 Game Instructions

Space bar to go to attack mode (unhide).
Use mouse the aim Left click to shoot.
Let go of Space bar to hide, then left click to reload whilst hiding.

Click to shot with holding the gun.
Smash all enemies to go to the next.
To get high score, attack the enemy continuity.
The numbers of your bullets are showed the lower right.
Behind an obstacle and click to reload.
Your life is express left below as a gauge.
As you are injured, it get less. And empty of it means over.
Your damage are rot only a slight injury but also serious.

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Nobuyuki Forces 3 Game
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Played: 925 times
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