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Candy Toss Game Description

Toss candy from the rooftop to the kids below. Oh NO! The lights have gone out and now the kids don't think we're passing out candy this Halloween! Hurry up and run to the top of the building and toss the candy down to the children. Remember, kids without candy get very angry!

Candy Toss Game Instructions

Use the target to aim your throws, then click the LEFT mouse button to toss your candy. Each successfu toss is marked by a POINT value. Earn even more points by hitting the faster children.

You can keep your happy-meter high and the kids cheerful by chucking your candy into their bags. Candy that hits the ground and kids who leave the screen without candy make the children angry. Don't let your happy-meter run out, ortne game is over.

That's it! You're ready to start flingin' candy to the kids. If you need help, there is a HELP button in the upper-right comer. Watch out, as the kids eat more candy, they move much faster. So you'll have to be good to record a HIGH SCORE!

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Candy Toss Game
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Played: 4.237 times
Category: Action games » Monster games
Author: Hyper Quake

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