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I was on my way home after my guitar lessons, when suddenly I saw GREEN SLIME attacking the news offices of the Daily Tuba! Now, I happen to know that slime is highly vulnerable to certain sound frequencies. So I tuned my guitar, and I'm ready to ROCK!

In this game, when Aliens with an axe to grind attack, it's up to Nero to save the day again. Luckily, our hero has own axe to grind...

Kill all of the green blobs that attack you, shoot them by pressing the space bar and releasing your music power.

Guitar Hero Game Instructions

Use the ARROW KEYS to move me through the building. When you see a slime, hit SPACE to unleash a "killer" riff! But don't let the slime glomp onto me! If that happens, move back and forth REALLY FAST to break free! Let's move, there isn't much time!

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Guitar Hero Game
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Played: 4.881 times
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