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Star Wars Rebel Base Online Game

Star Wars Rebel Base Game Description

Lord Vader and his fleet of Star Destroyers have discovered the hidden rebel base on the planet Hoth in the Hoth system. The rebel base is protected with a shield that can deflect any bombardment from above. Vader has to prepare his troops for a surface attack.

On the hoth surface the rebels have detected Lord Vader's attack squad and actions for immediate evacuation are taken. You however are assigned to protect the escaping Rebel transporters. You have to use the Ion cannon which has the power to destroy a giant space ship. Move you mouse to target the Ion cannon and press the mouse button to fire at will. But be careful, do not fire at the escaping Rebel transporters.

Star Wars Rebel Base Game Instructions

Use your mouse to move the Ion cannon.
Press the mouse button to fire the Ion cannon. Beware, do not hit the escaping Rebel transporters, or a live will be taken! When you fire to heavy, the Ion cannon will run hot. When maximum heat is reached the Ion cannon will blow and a life will be taken. May the force be with you.

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Star Wars Rebel Base Game
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