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Super Viking Shark Punch Online Game

Super Viking Shark Punch Game Description

There are just a few words to describe this game. Strike terror to sharks that dare get in your way!

Super Viking Shark Punch Game Instructions

Use the up and down arrows to move.
A = Punch left.
D = Punch Right.
space bar - Fire.

You control the fiercest Viking of all Midgard. Riding atop thy floating corpse you are able to travel to three different locations on the battlefield.

Sharks fly in from the right of the screen at four different locations. To combat this scourge, you must use a combination of left and right PUNCHs.

If a shark is positioned directly below you. swing at it with a RIGHT PUNCH.
If a shark is positioned directly above you. swing at it with a LEFT PUNCH.

When your energy is above 75%, thou can set thyself ablaze with fire! The points gained whilst on fire are doubled! However, your energy declines more rapidly and panching sharks does not reward you with more while on fire.

This is thy energy bar. It declines slowly as you fly, but as you panch sharks, it fills up. Panching multiple sharks in a row will result in a combo, providing more points. The higher the combo, the more points recteved. Missing a shark, however, will result in energy loss, and you shall lose thine combo. Panching thin air will also result in energy loss, but your combo will not be broken. However, while on fire, you may panch as much air as thou please without recourse. Fire will automatically extinguish itself once the energy bar reaches 50%.

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Super Viking Shark Punch Game
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Played: 5.079 times
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Author: Krawl

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