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Breaking Point Game Description

Your main objective is to defense against the mutant zombies. Blast away those zombies and other vile enemies with your tank or use the blades and cut them down. You are a tank that gets deployed into hostile situations were you must stop infected from spreading the virues. a group of men will be behind you to kill off the ones you let through but they can not handle to much this is called the breaking point if you reach this the virus will be leak into the outside world and cause humanitys downfall.

Breaking Point Game Instructions

Mouse - Aim / Shoot.
Arrow Keys- Move.
Shift Key - Activates the Switch Blades.

To stop the enemies on the playing field from escaping by either running
them over, or shooting them.

A combination of both attacks will greatly raise your chances in completing
the game.

Cons, while runniig mr^Tenemies may seem fun and very effective it also
damages your tank

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Breaking Point Game
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Played: 2.827 times
Category: Action games » Zombie games
Author: Hybrid Games

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