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Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome Online Game

Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome Game Description

One day in the Elwyn forrest Millie was surprised by a scary skeleton. Meanwhile an evil plot was made to take away Millie's sword and lower her powers. Swing your sword of awesomeness and kill the huge spiders and other enemies. A game inspired by World of Warcraft.

Pick up your sword and gear up for an exciting adventure and attacking enemies to gain rage to use more PWN abilities. First stop is the Elwynn Forest.

Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome Game Instructions

- Press S to jump
- Attack enemies by holding D
- Use Heroic Strike by holding F
- Deals 3x Damage
- Drains 10 rage on strike
- If your health runs out (green bar), you die
- Health is regained over time
- Gain rage (red bar) by hitting enemies
- Rage is lost over time
- You gain rage from being hit as well
- You automatically block attacks when you aren't attacking. Blocking makes you take less damage.
- Holding DOWN makes Millie Sit and regenerate lost health faster.

As Millie gains more rage, she can use more of her PWN abilities!

25 Rage: Charge
-Run very fast while attacking
-Knocks enemies back on strike
-Deals double damage

50 Rage: Whirlwind
-Jumping attack
-Deals triple damage

75 Rage: Flurry
-Attack much faster
-Must be standing still

100 Rage (Full bar): Berserk
-Rage is lost very fast
-Damage is increased four fold
-Health is gained faster

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Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome Game
Adventure Online Game info
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Played: 2.879 times
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