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Pack the House Level 5 Mickey's Crazy Lounge game info

Pack the House Level 5 Mickey's Crazy Lounge Online Game

Pack the House Level 5 Mickey's Crazy Lounge Game Description

Manage and keep your customer happy, use your adjustment to keep the level of satisfaction at its highest. Sit the customers, take the order and bring it to the customer's table.

Pack the House Level 5 Mickey's Crazy Lounge Game Instructions

Use mouse to interact.

Managing a Cabaret and keeping customers happy is not an easy task. You must be quick and use your judgment to keep the level of satisfaction at its highest. To do this, all you need is your mouse and the knowledge of each character's role.

The gauge to your left indicates the overall cabaret's satisfaction. Each customer has his/her own aureole of color, which will go from green to red depending on your quality as host A customer with a red aureole is quite mad and on the verge of leaving the cabaret so keep it green!

You win the game if you can keep the overall cabaret's satisfaction at "excellent" during 2 minutes and you lose the game if you stay in "poor" during 1 minute.

When customer's satisfaction is at its lowest, click on Mickey and then the clients to boost their satisfaction level. Mickey can only see each couple once. When you attain an "excellent level", you will be entitled to 3 video shows by clicking the film reel.

Pete is always trying to bother the cabaret's customers. When Pete shows up, you have to scare him with Pluto. Otherwise Pete will go ahead and execute his evil schemes. It will then be up to Donald to fix up the mess.

Fix Pete's mess by clicking on Donald and then the affected zone.

Customers arriving at the cabaret are greeted by Daisy. Click Daisy to greet the couple then any table to sit the customers.

Click on Goofy and the customers9 table to take their orders. When a customer makes a choice, an icon appears above his head to designate if he wants food or a beverage. Click on the kitchen door or the snack bar
to prepare the orders.

Goofy does not have to wait for all the orders to be ready before bringing them to the customers tables. You should note that Goofy's can only carry drinks or food at once and cannot take orders while his platter still has food or beverages on it.

Send Goofy to see Horace to prepare the drinks.

When you reach a "very good" level, you can entertain customers with one of Clarabelle's choreographies. Click Clarabelle and she will perform on stage with her friends You are limited to 3 Clarabelle's performances.

5000 pts: Gain one level on the satisfaction meter (only once by level).
1000 pts: Reach green in a customer gauge (only once by client).
100 pts: Gain one step in a customer gauge (except when reaching green).
500 pts: Customer placed at a table.
500 pts: Customer served.
2000 pts: Customer leaves with a green gauge.
1000 pts: Customer leaves with an apple green gauge
500 pts: Customer leaves with a yellow gauge.
250 pts: Customer leaves with an orange gauge.
0 pts: Customer leaves with a red gauge.
1000 pts: Pluto chase Pete.
500 pts: Donald fixed a Pete's attack.
200 pts: Each meal or drink finished.
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