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The Polar Express Train Adventure Online Game

The Polar Express Train Adventure Game Description

All aboard for the magical fun of the Polar Express train adventure! Maneuver the train through the maze of criss-crossing train tracks and try to make it all the way to the north pole! Visit the town, forest and arctic scenes and have the adventure of a lifetime.

The Polar Express Train Adventure Game Instructions

1. At each crossing, there is a red/green switch - if clicked, it will drive train onto a different track. Green = the track the train will follow.

2. Pick up additional train cars and "pick-ups" for points. Speed increases as the additional cars are added onto the train line.

3. You must watch out for obstacles on the tracks and avoid "snaking" the train into itself.

4. Slow down the train by clicking on the brake lever. Be careful, it will cost you 500 points each time you use it!

5. Once all the cars have been picked up the exit tunnel's lights turn green and you can go play the bonus mini game!

6. In the tunnel, pick up jewels for points and coal for fuel, the more coal you have stoked in the engine, the faster your train will go and the more opportunity for collecting jewels!
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Played: 13.683 times
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