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Mushroom Revolution Online Game

Mushroom Revolution Game Description

Defend Mushroom Land from the evil people in this cute game.
Build towers and enhance them with elements to defeat waves on enemies in this tower defense game. Over 20 tower types, each with a unique effect.

Mushroom Revolution Game Instructions

Welcome to mushroom devolution - a tower defense game with endless combinations and possibilities.

Navigating the map
Use (WASD kevs to move abound or simply move your mouse to the edge of the map to scroll.

Building towers (called "gomphus")
Click on the gomphus (looks like a mushroom) and place it anvwhere on the map. Click spacebar to cancel placement. You must have at least 100 gold to build a gomphus.

Leveling up gomphus
Vou can upgrade your gomphus by clicking on it and then clicking "level up'. Upgrading a gomphus will make is stronger and grant an additional 'element slot' up to 3 slots per gomphus.

Elements and accessories
Vou can buv elements to enhance your gomphus. Each element combination has a different effect. Try different ones to see what works best. Using 3 elements of the same type on one gomphus will create a pure gomphus which has no special effect but can be upgraded to level 6.

Every 5 waves you will gain a random accessory. You can enhance your gomphus by adding it to one just like elements.

How do i save?
Every time you finish a level your game is automatically saved.

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Mushroom Revolution Game
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Played: 1.304 times
Category: War games » Tower defense games
Author: Fortunacus

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