GamesLoon FAQ

Q. Why can't I play any games?
A. Make sure you have the Flash Played installed and it's running. Also note that Chrome turns off Flash automatically these days. Here is a guide from Adobe how to turn it back on: Enable Flash for Chrome guide.

Q. Is it free to play games on your website? is there a catch?
A. It is 100% free to play the games on our website. You do not have to register on our website and you do not have to pay anything. The adverts that you see on our website are our sponsors.

Q: Is there any Ad-ware or Spy-ware in your games?
A: NO! All of our Games are clean.

Q. Every time, I click on a game it does not seem to load. In addition, I see a small red cross on the upper left corner of the game screen. Is something wrong with this game?
A. The games on our website require Macromedia Flash AND sometimes Shockwave plug-in players. This software enables you to play flash games on your computer. It only takes a minute to download this software, which you can do so clicking on the following link (please ensure you download the appropiate file for your browser):

Q. What to do when the games are running slowly?
A. There are a few possibilities. Your system may be slow. Most of our games will run fine on a 200 mhz system or above. Your windows display color depth setting may need to be changed. In most cases using 16 bit color depth (aka high color or 64,000 colors) is best, otherwise use 32 bit color depth (aka true color or millions of colors). Using 8 bit color depth (aka 256 colors) depth will run slowly. To check what color depth setting you have, go to your windows control panel, double click on the display icon, from the display properties screen select the settings tab and examine the setting in the colors pulldown box. Your windows display driver may need to be updated. Here are the sites of popular video card makers: and

Q. I love your web site but I don't like those advertisements on your web site. Can you remove them from your web site?
A. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our website however; we cannot remove these advertisements from our web site because they are our sponsors. They are the ones who make our website FREE for you to enjoy. If you use an adblocker and really enjoy our website, you might want to concider whitelisting it to support us :).