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Action Games

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Play Raiden II
Raiden II game free online

Raiden II Game HOT

You loved Raiden X, now play Raiden II. Truly awesome gameplay. This is the second part of the vertical scrolling action shooter.

played 13.720 times
Play Assault Part 2
Assault Part 2 game free online

Assault Part 2 Game HOT

Assault Part 2 is the 2nd installment of this cool interactive movie game. Note this online game is loads of fun but short. Second part of the assault move in and gather intelligence.

played 13.639 times
Play Chuck Norris In Attack Of The Massacre Ninjas
Chuck Norris In Attack Of The Massacre Ninjas game free online

Chuck Norris In Attack Of The Massa... Game HOT

Chuck Norris is back in action! Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.

played 13.627 times
Play Anaksha Female Assassin
Anaksha Female Assassin game free online

Anaksha Female Assassin Game HOT

Follow a beautiful femme-fatale on a brutal rampage in this crime-noir themed sniper game. Play the role of Anaksha the Female Assassin in her war against the criminals and murderers...

played 13.519 times
Play Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team
Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team game free online

Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dyna... Game HOT

Team up with Batman and Blue Beetle to take down Kanjar Ros space pirates. On the other side of the galaxy, Batman and Blue Bettle must battle Kanjar Ro's Space pirates to save an en...

played 13.517 times
Play Jackie Chan Rely On Relics
Jackie Chan Rely On Relics game free online

Jackie Chan Rely On Relics Game HOT

Valmont has taken Jade, To force Jackie to hand over the talisman in his possession but Jackie is not the negoiating type and don't like people messing with his family. Guide Jackie...

played 13.507 times
Play Find The Pirate Treasure
Find The Pirate Treasure game free online

Find The Pirate Treasure Game HOT

O-Ranger, is a world traveler and his favorite hobby is finding a pirate treasure! He does not have a map so it is a little difficult. Can you help him and show the way to the treasu...

played 13.492 times
Play Fairly Odd Parents Big Super Hero Wish
Fairly Odd Parents Big Super Hero Wish game free online

Fairly Odd Parents Big Super Hero Wish Game HOT

Be careful what you wish for! When Timmy wished his friends could become super heroes, his wish came true but he also turned all their enemies into super villains! Zap the baddies in...

played 13.391 times
Play Wild Boar Hunter
Wild Boar Hunter game free online

Wild Boar Hunter Game

Shoot as many wild boar as you can. Shoot the Wild boars by positioning the crosshair. Try shooting the head to kill in one go. Shoot as many Wild boars as you can. If You Miss 5 Wil...

played 13.360 times
Play Pirates Revenge
Pirates Revenge game free online

Pirates Revenge Game

Play slots with a pirate based theme and win the loot!

played 13.346 times
Play Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem
Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem game free online

Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem Game HOT

Storming Vietnam by sea was never meant to be a calm event, so you will have to pick your most skilled troops to survive this crazy action in this awesome Storm Boat Vietnam mayhem g...

played 13.327 times
Play Hulk Central Smashdown
Hulk Central Smashdown game free online

Hulk Central Smashdown Game HOT

Jump on all the robots that are trying to attack you. Don't let them get too close.

played 13.321 times
Play Detective Blaze
Detective Blaze game free online

Detective Blaze Game

This is the story of a young investigator who has to solve another case. Many quest come to light in the story. And many people and suspects are hiding their identities. You take the...

played 13.317 times