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Action Games

Play Squire
Squire game free online

Squire Game HOT

Save the Kingdom from destruction. You're a squire in training. Learn the moves and then set out in this first person RPG.

played 3.681 times
Play Hitstick 4 International Killer
Hitstick 4 International Killer game free online

Hitstick 4 International Killer Game HOT

Hitstick 4 is a killer shooter game where you decide how to assassinate your targets. Disguise yourself and use your stealth mode. Choose several different weapons and become a profe...

played 3.669 times
Play The Fish That Should Not Be
The Fish That Should Not Be game free online

The Fish That Should Not Be Game HOT

The year 1944 was a hard year to a small village in Nothern England. In Witchlake there was a creature that made the Loch Ness Monster look like a puny worm. The villagers were hopel...

played 3.638 times
Play Memento
Memento game free online

Memento Game HOT

This topdown game has a seriious help system guiding you through the game. Grab a gun and hunt the other mysterious man thats hiding in this dark town. This game is a remake of Manhu...

played 3.634 times
Play Terror Camp
Terror Camp game free online

Terror Camp Game HOT

Across the world terrorist outfits are becoming a seriour problem. Every country in the world today is deploying special forces to eliminate and nutralise terrorist threats. The defe...

played 3.609 times
Play ZombieLand Bonesnap Blvd
ZombieLand Bonesnap Blvd game free online

ZombieLand Bonesnap Blvd Game HOT

Roll on your skateboard and shoot the tons of zombies. You cannot survive if you don't have a pulse. Grab weapon upgrades to make it easier. Come and visit Zombie Land! Drive with yo...

played 3.609 times
Play Rambo The Fight Continues
Rambo The Fight Continues game free online

Rambo The Fight Continues Game HOT

Help Rambo slaughter some rebels in the east. Defend innocent villagers from the attacking mercenaries. Trapped in the jungle with hundreds of guys out to kill you - take 'em out Ram...

played 3.600 times
Play Teletubbies Mercy Killing
Teletubbies Mercy Killing game free online

Teletubbies Mercy Killing Game HOT

Warning, not for little kids. Time to shoot those annoying Teletubbies with sniper rifles, pistols and chainsaws! Don't shoot that sweet cow.

played 3.593 times
Play Dibs' Adventure to Mount Wafers
Dibs' Adventure to Mount Wafers game free online

Dibs' Adventure to Mount Wafers Game HOT

we are going to save Mutania from the Evil Dr. Bullswank. We ought to start in cloudy world. Its dead easy. Get Dib through (and all the cherry's in) this great platform game.

played 3.580 times
Play La Foret Aux Mille Dangers
La Foret Aux Mille Dangers game free online

La Foret Aux Mille Dangers Game HOT

Help Mille to find a way to get out of the jungle! Guide this little girl through a forest of thousand dangers. A sidescrolling adventure that takes place in a forest with a lot of b...

played 3.576 times
Play New Super Mario World 2
New Super Mario World 2 game free online

New Super Mario World 2 Game HOT

Enjoy the very latest levels of the classical Mario! Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and run and collect the coins in this little platform game.

played 3.553 times
Play Team Hyper Force Super Robot Advance
Team Hyper Force Super Robot Advance game free online

Team Hyper Force Super Robot Advance Game HOT

The only may to save Shuggazoom City is to stop the Skeleton King before he reaches the city. Guide the Super Robot info space, trough the pit of the Formless to the Citadel of Bones...

played 3.551 times
Play The Pumpkin Run
The Pumpkin Run game free online

The Pumpkin Run Game HOT

Halloween! Play as a pumpkin and collect candies as many as posible! Grab the candy on the map and shoot the other kids in costumes with candy. Multiple levels.

played 3.551 times