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Amorphous game

Play Amorphous free online now. Go around chopping things with your big knife. Slice the green globbles and stay alive without letti... Read more

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Played: 4.514 times
Amorphous game info

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Amorphous Online Game

Amorphous Game Description

Go around chopping things with your big knife. Slice the green globbles and stay alive without letting them touch you. This game contains graphic (though cartoony and poorly drawn) violence, and therefore may be unsuitable to viewers under the age of 13, or who are easily offended

Amorphous Game Instructions

The character will continually move toward the curser's position. Guide the character around the screen by moving the cursor. To stop moving, simply move the cursor to the character and leave it still.

To attack, click the left mouse button. The character will always attack facing the cursor's current location. To attack in a specific direction, move the cursor so that the character faces that direction before clicking.

The "X" key will quit the current game and return to the Main Menu.

Press "N" at any time to change to a different song. Pressing "M" will display the name of the song currently playing without changing it.

Amorphous Screenshot

Amorphous Game
Action Online Game info
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Game name: Amorphous
Played: 4.514 times
Category: Action games » Bloody games
Author: Innocuous Games

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