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Bloody Games

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Play Project Validus
Project Validus game free online

Project Validus Game HOT

Kill the zombies withmutliple weapons in this top-down view action shooting flash game. Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled with walking dead. Whi...

played 6.816 times
Play Rock Paper Scissors Roulette
Rock Paper Scissors Roulette game free online

Rock Paper Scissors Roulette Game HOT

Inside the pistol only has a bullet, choose wisely when you pick rock, paper or scicors. If you win your opponent has to take the gun and shoot. If you lose, you have to. Warning thi...

played 11.492 times
Play Rudolphs Revenge
Rudolphs Revenge game free online

Rudolphs Revenge Game

The other raindeers used to laugh and call him names... Rudolph gets revenge in this small but addicting christmas game.

played 6.727 times
Play Run  Em Down
Run  Em Down game free online

Run Em Down Game

Drive in your car and run over people before the police get you. Run over as many people as you can as you race to the city.

played 4.646 times
Play SAS Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum
SAS Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum game free online

SAS Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum Game HOT

You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. They number more than 6000. You like those odds....

played 9.698 times
Play Saw IV Trapped
Saw IV Trapped game free online

Saw IV Trapped Game

Time to stare death in the face in trapped, a torture test as horrifying as anything you'll see in the SAW IV movie. "Trapped" turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience...

played 14.010 times
Play Shark Attack
Shark Attack game free online

Shark Attack Game HOT

Your role in this game is the shark. some fisherman have left you unattended in a cage as you break free from the rusty cage, you go on a feeding frenzy to regain some of your health...

played 12.289 times
Play Shino Beat
Shino Beat game free online

Shino Beat Game HOT

Nice and hilarious sword fighting action game! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash on enemies that blocked your way to their boss!

played 3.936 times
Play Short Bus Rampage
Short Bus Rampage game free online

Short Bus Rampage Game

Run over all students and get to the end zone before the cops get to the area. Jump in your school bus and run over those annoying school kids before time runs out.

played 5.279 times
Play Skeeter Splat
Skeeter Splat game free online

Skeeter Splat Game

Ah the great outdoors. It'd be even greater if it weren't for those blood suckin'bug biting all the time. To play click on 'skeeters' to SPLAT them! Don't let them land and bite...

played 5.613 times
Play Smack The Rabbit
Smack The Rabbit game free online

Smack The Rabbit Game

Squish the rabbits before they multiply with your big hammer.

played 3.246 times
Play South Park Hippie Drill
South Park Hippie Drill game free online

South Park Hippie Drill Game HOT

Get your to the Middle of the stage but avoid hitting any hippies. Run over the hippies and grind them up. Don't let your drill overheat or it's game over. Get to the stage in the mi...

played 20.696 times
Play South Park Kill Kenny
South Park Kill Kenny game free online

South Park Kill Kenny Game HOT

Kenny is being ganged up by his former friends - how long can he survive?

played 32.677 times