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Bloody Games

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Are you feeling angry and looking for a game to get rid of your frustrations? Play the bloodiest games on Gamesloon! These games vary from bloody action using a full weapon arsenal to cripple your enemies, to wreaking havoc in an office building with a chainsaw. Nothing is too crazy, as long as it is bloody enough! Select the game of your choice and start messing things up!

Play Cooking Mama Kills Animals
Cooking Mama Kills Animals game free online

Cooking Mama Kills Animals Game HOT

Behead, gut, and stuff a turkey while aiming for the coveted "Meaner Than Mama!". Cooking Mama - Mama Kills Animals is a game by Peta to raise awareness of turkey cruelty in the lead...

played 97.481 times
Play South Park Kill Kenny
South Park Kill Kenny game free online

South Park Kill Kenny Game HOT

Kenny is being ganged up by his former friends - how long can he survive?

played 29.967 times
Play Dead Frontier Night One
Dead Frontier Night One game free online

Dead Frontier Night One Game

June 28th 2016, a private biological research facility is raided by French police. Despite warnings from the lab technicians they proceed to release the 109 caged people, not aware t...

played 20.398 times
Play South Park Hippie Drill
South Park Hippie Drill game free online

South Park Hippie Drill Game HOT

Get your to the Middle of the stage but avoid hitting any hippies. Run over the hippies and grind them up. Don't let your drill overheat or it's game over. Get to the stage in the mi...

played 19.031 times
Play The Torture Game 2
The Torture Game 2 game free online

The Torture Game 2 Game HOT

This game may be very wrong, but it does help you relieve stress. Torture the poor guy with an assortment of tools. WARNING: CONTAINS SCENES OF ANIMATED BLOOD AND GORE. For 18 and ab...

played 18.648 times
Play Staggy The Boyscout Slayer II
Staggy The Boyscout Slayer II game free online

Staggy The Boyscout Slayer II Game HOT

In Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer, Staggy hates boyscouts with a passion! They have come to his forest again. Time for some more boyscout slaying action! It's your job to slay them all!...

played 16.461 times
Play Bloody Day Part 1
Bloody Day Part 1 game free online

Bloody Day Part 1 Game HOT

Shoot all the sticks that cross your view with different guns. A fun shooting game! It has a variety of three different weapons, from a pistol to a shotgun. Every person you kill add...

played 15.727 times
Play Happy Tree Friends Gogo Toothy
Happy Tree Friends Gogo Toothy game free online

Happy Tree Friends Gogo Toothy Game

Gogo Toothy is a small game in which you have to get the fallen Toothy back up to the top of the mountain as fast as possible. Toothy will climb when you click on his belly. Attentio...

played 13.213 times
Play Happy Tree Friends Cub Shoot 3
Happy Tree Friends Cub Shoot 3 game free online

Happy Tree Friends Cub Shoot 3 Game HOT

This time Flippy uses a basuka to get rid of Cub forever. Shoot that little cub as far as possible.

played 12.862 times
Play Saw IV Trapped
Saw IV Trapped game free online

Saw IV Trapped Game

Time to stare death in the face in trapped, a torture test as horrifying as anything you'll see in the SAW IV movie. "Trapped" turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience...

played 12.664 times
Play Curse Village
Curse Village game free online

Curse Village Game HOT

An action defense game where you fight against waves of the undead. The world is being invaded by blood-thirsty zombies. In a brave attempt to save your village you're fighting back...

played 12.663 times
Play Chuck Norris In Attack Of The Massacre Ninjas
Chuck Norris In Attack Of The Massacre Ninjas game free online

Chuck Norris In Attack Of The Massa... Game HOT

Chuck Norris is back in action! Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.

played 11.827 times
Play Shark Attack
Shark Attack game free online

Shark Attack Game HOT

Your role in this game is the shark. some fisherman have left you unattended in a cage as you break free from the rusty cage, you go on a feeding frenzy to regain some of your health...

played 11.487 times