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Cowboys Saloon Shootout game

Play Cowboys Saloon Shootout free online now. Sheriff, Kill all the gangsters who threaten people in the saloon! Sheriff, here is an emergency call for you! Cowboy Ga... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 7.099 times
Cowboys Saloon Shootout game info

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Cowboys Saloon Shootout Online Game

Cowboys Saloon Shootout Game Description

Sheriff, Kill all the gangsters who threaten people in the saloon! Sheriff, here is an emergency call for you! Cowboy Gangsters are attacking the saloon and they are firing at people without provocation. You should reach there in no time and save the people in the saloon. Load your guns, and mount your stallion!... Good Luck!

Cowboys Saloon Shootout Game Instructions

To shoot a gangster, use the left mouse button and position the cross hair. For each enemy you shoot, you will be awarded 15 points, but watch out! The enemy shoots back. For each time you're hit by enemy fire, your health meter will decrease. Every 40 enemies killed will progress you to the next level, but careful! Every time the level progresses, the enemies get a little smarter and their weapons a little stronger.

As you play, you will get these power-up items:
Health-Pack: Increases your health by 25 points.
Shield: Absorbs 75% of enemy fire.

Play the Cowboys Saloon Shootout Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Cowboys Saloon Shootout Game
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Game name: Cowboys Saloon Shootout
Played: 7.099 times
Category: Action games » Cowboy games
Author: Gameszindia

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