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Aeternus Lamnia game

Play Aeternus Lamnia free online now. Slash your way through tons of stuff in this first person sword fighter. Deep inside the Silent Wood is a cave said to p... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.781 times
Aeternus Lamnia game info

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Aeternus Lamnia Online Game

Aeternus Lamnia Game Description

Slash your way through tons of stuff in this first person sword fighter. Deep inside the Silent Wood is a cave said to provide a passage underneath the Great Mountains. It is also said to be guarded by a fierce dragon. Defeat Hie Forest Dragon to gain entrance to the Spider Caverns.

Aeternus Lamnia Game Instructions

Q - quality toggle (game runs faster depending on quality) Mouse - moves sword.
Mouse Left Click - attacks.
Attack green targets.
Block red targets by placing the sword over them.

Always remember to hold down the mouse to fully swing. If you click too quickly it won't register the hit. When faced with the decision to either block or attack you should usually try blocking before attacking, even if there's an opening present. If you're having trouble, try turning the quality up. This should make things run slower than usual, giving you more time to react. In contrast, turning the quality down will result in a speed increase, providing more of a challenge. Try playing the minigames to learn the basics of moving and attacking. Additional minigames can be unlocked on completion of the game.

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Aeternus Lamnia Screenshot

Aeternus Lamnia Game
Action Online Game info
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Game name: Aeternus Lamnia
Played: 4.781 times
Category: Action games » Fighting games
Author: Games of Gondor

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