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Alien Hill game

Play Alien Hill free online now. Alien Hill is a top down shooter. Alien Hill is based on a deserted planet waiting to be colonized.... Read more

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Alien Hill game info

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Alien Hill Online Game

Alien Hill Game Description

Alien Hill is a top down shooter. Alien Hill is based on a deserted planet waiting to be colonized. You play the role of a mercenary (Jack), who is assigned to the planet to hold a key position for planetary terra-forming.

Shoot the aliens as they come and attack you. Most will need many shots in them to be put down. As an interplanetary mercenary, you've been hired to defend an assigned position on an untamed planet.

Wild pack aliens will likely attack your position in waves. You will be instantly compensated for each one that you kill.

In between alien attacks, you will have plenty of time to contact Trader Jill (right) for orbital drop shipments of ammunition, as well as replacement parts for your armor. Use her wisely.

Alien Hill Game Instructions

Mouse to aim and shoot.
Use W.S.A & D or the Arrow keys to move and the Mouse to aim and shoot.

Switch weapons by pressing the Spacebar or the following Number Keys:
1. Armor Piercing Rounds
2. Freeze Pellets
3. Missiles
4. Plasma Bean
5. Acid Capsules

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Alien Hill Game
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Game name: Alien Hill
Played: 4.640 times
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