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Fighting Games

Play FWG Knight
FWG Knight game free online

FWG Knight Game HOT

Dragons and their evil servants have invaded your kingdom. It's up to you to destroy this menace before they conquer your lands. Your objective, Sir Knight, is to kill as many Dra...

played 3.313 times
Play Gangster Life The Jail Break
Gangster Life The Jail Break game free online

Gangster Life The Jail Break Game HOT

You just broke out of jail and you have to survive. Play as a conman who has just broken out of jail. You have to find some new work in this cut and prove that you have what it takes...

played 22.704 times
Play Give Him A Monster
Give Him A Monster game free online

Give Him A Monster Game HOT

Defeat all the monster using your magic stick. Keep your eyes wide opened, they're very fast.

played 3.403 times
Play Gladiator
Gladiator game free online

Gladiator Game

You are a slave chosen to fight in the Roman Colosseum. Destroy all challengers and become the Gladiator Champion. In this gladiator fighting game, your aims is to destroy all challe...

played 8.195 times
Play Gladiator Arena
Gladiator Arena game free online

Gladiator Arena Game

You are in the arena with fellow gladiators and tigers. Last one standing wins. Destroy all your enemies in Gladiator Arena.

played 4.641 times
Play Goblins Heart
Goblins Heart game free online

Goblins Heart Game HOT

Fight the Goblins. Lex the monster hunter fights off goblins and other such evil.

played 2.291 times
Play Goo Slasher
Goo Slasher game free online

Goo Slasher Game HOT

Slash all Gooey Monsters. Those pesky coo-blobs have infested the forest! You must destroy every last one of the slime balls!

played 1.669 times
Play Holy War Invasion
Holy War Invasion game free online

Holy War Invasion Game HOT

You are an engineer seized by enemy invasion during ultramodern arms testing of the armoured scaphander. Adversaries are everywhere. There is nothing left for you to do but beat off...

played 3.066 times
Play Horro Harddrive Mission
Horro Harddrive Mission game free online

Horro Harddrive Mission Game

Welcome to the horro hardrive. It's buggier than the basement of a log cabin. What we need you to do is go in there and collect the most important files (represented by floppy discs)...

played 2.239 times
Play Hulk Central Smashdown
Hulk Central Smashdown game free online

Hulk Central Smashdown Game HOT

Jump on all the robots that are trying to attack you. Don't let them get too close.

played 11.314 times
Play Hulk Smash Up
Hulk Smash Up game free online

Hulk Smash Up Game HOT

Smash San Francisco to pieces. Play the incredible Hulk in this game, smash everythign with bare hands. Hulk is on a RAMPAGE. Destroy all buildings! You must destroy all enemies on t...

played 9.611 times
Play Ignito Pulse
Ignito Pulse game free online

Ignito Pulse Game

Travel around neon arenas in two different game modes collecting as many glowing orbs as you can, all the while fighting to blast a relentless onslaught of enemies. Run, jump and sho...

played 2.670 times
Play Iraq Attack
Iraq Attack game free online

Iraq Attack Game HOT

Destroy Saddam and his army. Shoot down the jets and blow away the people. Dont bomb the oil reserve buildings. Great fun. Saddam's second son and heir apparent Oversees all Iraqi in...

played 3.758 times