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Fighting Games

Play Memento
Memento game free online

Memento Game HOT

This topdown game has a seriious help system guiding you through the game. Grab a gun and hunt the other mysterious man thats hiding in this dark town. This game is a remake of Manhu...

played 3.578 times
Play Midnight Strike
Midnight Strike game free online

Midnight Strike Game

A fantastic fighting game! Lieutenant, I see you're ready for action. You're first mission is to find an entrance to the evil cyborg Factory trough the sewers. I'll assist you by wal...

played 2.619 times
Play Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome
Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome game free online

Millie And The Stolen Sword Of Awesome Game

One day in the Elwyn forrest Millie was surprised by a scary skeleton. Meanwhile an evil plot was made to take away Millie's sword and lower her powers. Swing your sword of awesomene...

played 4.906 times
Play Millie Megavolte 3 - Goblin Rescue
Millie Megavolte 3 - Goblin Rescue game free online

Millie Megavolte 3 - Goblin Rescue Game

Millie has been captured by the demon lord Ulzar! It's up to her friend, Killer Kilzek, to save her now. The Millie Megavolte series continues. Time to whip out the double blades and...

played 3.648 times
Play Millineum Fighter 2
Millineum Fighter 2 game free online

Millineum Fighter 2 Game HOT

Fly around with your jet shoot down enemy fighers and return to home base when mission is accomplished.

played 4.050 times
Play Mobile Weapon 1
Mobile Weapon 1 game free online

Mobile Weapon 1 Game HOT

Once, in a place far far away... There existed a world of many wonders called Sios. Sios was a world that differed very much from ours, simply because the lives of its inhabitants w...

played 3.762 times
Play Mobile Weapon Zero
Mobile Weapon Zero game free online

Mobile Weapon Zero Game

A strange Mech RPG game with exploration and side viewed battles. You are the pilot of a Mobile Adaptive Weapon(MaW) in our little world of Sios. The world is filled with renegade MA...

played 4.377 times
Play Monkey King 2 - The Untold Journeys
Monkey King 2 - The Untold Journeys game free online

Monkey King 2 - The Untold Journeys Game

One day, at his free time. Sun Wukong fly to the Heaven Kingdom to meet the Heaven God. He arrives there in no time. But there's something strange, he sees no one! And as usual, he...

played 4.255 times
Play Moral Combat Slap Fight
Moral Combat Slap Fight game free online

Moral Combat Slap Fight Game HOT

You tired of sitting idly by while the world sinks into depravity and sin. Prayers and sermons haven't helped, so you decide to use stronger righteous medicine on the scum and vermin...

played 3.947 times
Play Murloc RPG
Murloc RPG game free online

Murloc RPG Game

Ever wanted to be a murlock? ahgrrrrrrrrl! Play as a Murloc from WoW in this amazing RPG! Pick up and finish Quests. Based on the very popular game World of Warcraft.

played 6.715 times
Play Murloc RPG Part 2 Stranglethorn Fever
Murloc RPG Part 2 Stranglethorn Fever game free online

Murloc RPG Part 2 Stranglethorn Fever Game HOT

The Murloc Serios continue, this great RPG game is base on World of Warcraft. It has new quests, better grapics and loads of fun gameplay.

played 15.071 times
Play Nameless The Game
Nameless The Game game free online

Nameless The Game Game

Massive Adventure game, with Creative Original Levels and Adventures. Christopher Columbus has insulted your crippled friend on national television so now it's pay back time. After y...

played 3.863 times
Play Naruto Battle Grounds
Naruto Battle Grounds game free online

Naruto Battle Grounds Game HOT

Help Naruto attack all the bad guys in this great game! Try reaching to the end and finish the boss.

played 6.109 times