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Khronos game

Play Khronos free online now. A mighty warrior of the hills well known as Khronos. Protecting against any evil who may harm his pe... Read more

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Played: 3.763 times
Khronos game info

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Khronos Online Game

Khronos Game Description

A mighty warrior of the hills well known as Khronos. Protecting against any evil who may harm his people. Heavilly outnumbered Khronos died on the battle fields and got dragged into hell. Slaughter all the evil knights and monsters in the RPG-esque hack and slay game Khronos.

Khronos Game Instructions

X / L - special
Z / K - Attack
WASD / Arrow keys - move

Take a look into the manual to learn the special moves.

You can gain achievements by doing certain things in the game. Achievements are used to unlock Awards. Use the game options and your battle skills to unlock all Achievements. For example you could try making combos, killing opponent faster, or using certain defensive strategies and you might unlocked some Achievements!

For every six Achievements you have. you automatically unlock one Award.

An Award will grant you an additional character, that you can select to fight with! There are five (5) Awards, which means you can unlock five (5) different characters to play with. Once you unlocked a certain character, you will find their data in the Main and Option Menus. Each character has its own strength and weakness. You might find that one character has more power but less agility. Choose you hero cautionly, survive and win your battles! Impress dish and become a true ruler of darkness.

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Khronos Game
Action Online Game info
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Game name: Khronos
Played: 3.763 times
Category: Action games » Fighting games
Author: Art Logic

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