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Mobile Weapon 1 game

Play Mobile Weapon 1 free online now. Once, in a place far far away... There existed a world of many wonders called Sios. Sios was a worl... Read more

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Played: 3.835 times
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Mobile Weapon 1 Online Game

Mobile Weapon 1 Game Description

Once, in a place far far away... There existed a world of many wonders called Sios.
Sios was a world that differed very much from ours, simply because the lives of its inhabitants were touched by the technology known as the Mobile Adaptive Weapon. (Or MAW for short)
MAWs were machines resembling robots, and the one really interesting characteristic they had, was that any person equipped with the necessary skills would be able to pilot them.

Over time, MAW technology penetrated almost every aspect of life on Sios, so much so that they were used not just in combat and warfare, but also in daily activities, such as farming and construction. But the one piece of knowledge that has been lost throughout the many generations, was that of how MAWs were ultimately discovered.

This was a secret that would greatly affect the life of one particular pilot - A pilot who's mentor was the great Ronald Powell, one of the most renowned inventors of Sios.
)ur story begins with a simple training session in Tikila Grotto, a tiny cave located on the small island of Acero Isle...

Mobile Weapon 1 Game Instructions

Fight in mechs in this RPG mech fighting game. Includes story build up and more. A good RPG type. You can save/load the game.

Use your mouse to interact.

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Mobile Weapon 1 Game
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Game name: Mobile Weapon 1
Played: 3.835 times
Category: Action games » Fighting games
Author: Unknown

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