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Anaksha Female Assassin game

Play Anaksha Female Assassin free online now. Follow a beautiful femme-fatale on a brutal rampage in this crime-noir themed sniper game. Play the role of Anaksha the... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 12.532 times
Anaksha Female Assassin game info

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Anaksha Female Assassin Online Game

Anaksha Female Assassin Game Description

Follow a beautiful femme-fatale on a brutal rampage in this crime-noir themed sniper game. Play the role of Anaksha the Female Assassin in her war against the criminals and murderers of the city, take your sniper gun and shoot down all villains. A well made sniper game with some great detail and good cut scenes. Brains go splat!

The city of Santa Lina - a dark, rainswept metropolis filled with bright lights, sleazy bars, and the rotting stench of crime and death. the perfect hive for murderers, rapists, drug dealers, infidelity and gun crime. Law and order can be difficult to uphold in a city where even local authority figures remain subject to threats and bribes. The innocent cry out for justice. But nobody hears the voice of the voiceless.

Anaksha Female Assassin Game Instructions

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

A few wise words of advice from the game author... I should warn you that the following game contains explicit adult subject matter, intense violence and graphic death scenes which some players may find disturbing. If you are under 18 years of age, or are against video game violence then this product is not for you. Nobody is forcing you to play this game. You have been given free will, and the right to freedom of choice. Please exercise it rationally.

"And behold. I saw three great beasts arise from the sea. The first beast wore a crown of blood and carried a golden rod in its right hand which it used to spread plagues. The second beast tore out the eyes of men with its tongue and drank from their tears. And from within its belly came one thousand and one whores and concubines. And the accursed did feast upon its bile and cast aside their abundance of great wealth and said, I need not my possessions!" the third beast did shamefully hide its maggot-infested body behind a cloak of pure white silk and claimed to be a great king. Its followers ate of carrion and offered their children to be sacrificed in his name. "From the ashes will arise a pure and virtuous angel wearing a crown of fire upon her head and carrying a bright white star in her right hand. She will speak with a voice of thunder and will be feared by both men and demons alike".

- Unknown Indian philosopher and astrologer (400 ad)
(rumored to be a prediction of the times)

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Anaksha Female Assassin Game
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Game name: Anaksha Female Assassin
Played: 12.532 times
Category: Action games » First Person Shooter games
Author: Arif Majothi

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