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Damnation Shootout 2 game

Play Damnation Shootout 2 free online now. Shoot a few characters from the Doom universe. Adjust weapon damage and more. Another game by the creator of Damnation.... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.108 times
Damnation Shootout 2 game info

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Damnation Shootout 2 Online Game

Damnation Shootout 2 Game Description

Shoot a few characters from the Doom universe. Adjust weapon damage and more. Another game by the creator of Damnation. This one is a fully interactive shootout game where you can change anything from the amount of enemies to whether you fight the boss.

This is a fully interactive shootout game in the theme of Doofl- You can change almost everything herei so every game can be different from the other. You can change the amount of enemies-i damage inflicted by each weaponi whether you'll fight the boss or noti whether to use armor and lots more!

Objectives :
Kill all enemies on stage without dying. You need to pass a certain criteria of game and winning conditions in order to be able to collect the grand prize: The Flash source file of this game's beta version! I know that for some of you it means nothing at all, but you can still have lots of fun!

Damnation Shootout 2 Game Instructions

Controls :
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Mouse Button 1
Reload: R

Ueapon Selection:
1 - Pistol
2 - Shotgun
3 - Chaingun

You cannot be hit while hiding but you also can't shoot.
You have IS bullets in a clip. Reload your clip when you run out of bullets.
You can now take this armor vest with you to provide you some extra protection.

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Damnation Shootout 2 Screenshot

Damnation Shootout 2 Game
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Game name: Damnation Shootout 2
Played: 4.108 times
Category: Action games » First Person Shooter games
Author: Eitan Blumin

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