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Doom (Original) game

Play Doom (Original) free online now. Awesome Doom remake in flash! A must play game.... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 159.516 times
Doom (Original) game info

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Doom (Original) Online Game

Doom (Original) Game Description

Awesome Doom remake in flash! A must play game.

Doom (Original) Game Instructions

Move forward - Up arrow
Move backward - Down arrow
Turn left - Left arrow
Turn rught - Right arrow
Run - Shift + arrow
Strafe - Alt + Arrow

Firing - CTRL key / Mouse button 1
Open - Spacebar

1 - fist
2 - pistol
3- shotgun
4 - chainsaw
5 - rocket
6 - plasma rifle
7 - BFG 9000

Play the Doom (Original) Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Doom (Original) Screenshot

Doom (Original) Game
Action Online Game info
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Game name: Doom (Original)
Played: 159.516 times
Category: Action games » First Person Shooter games
Author: Unknown

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