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First Person Shooter Games

Go Have Fun!

Play Beer Shooter
Beer Shooter game free online

Beer Shooter Game HOT

Shoot beer into the awaiting mouths. Be quick before the time runs out.

played 2.316 times
Play Ben 10 Alien Wars
Ben 10 Alien Wars game free online

Ben 10 Alien Wars Game

Ben 10 Alien Wars is a shootout game. You have to shoot all the aliens and keep Ben 10 alive. You cannot be hit while hiding but you also can't shoot. You have 15 bullets in a clip....

played 4.838 times
Play Ben 10 Allien Attack
Ben 10 Allien Attack game free online

Ben 10 Allien Attack Game HOT

A nice Ben 10 Alien shooter. Shoot the aliens that pop up everywhere, keep Ben 10 alive. Can you shoot them all?

played 10.468 times
Play Black - Training Simulator
Black - Training Simulator game free online

Black - Training Simulator Game HOT

You are at the Black Headquarters and are about to embark on a digitised simulated mission. Test your skill levels to see if you have what it takes to be a Black Operative. Shoot the...

played 4.049 times
Play Bottle Shooter
Bottle Shooter game free online

Bottle Shooter Game

Shoot 'em down cowboy style! Shoot all bottles as fast and many as you can before the time runs out! Shoot the objects as they are tossed onto the screen. Watch out for things you sh...

played 6.896 times
Play Brothers In Arms
Brothers In Arms game free online

Brothers In Arms Game HOT

This is the first part of the awesome Brothers in Arms series of shooting games. Kill all the enemies with your 8-bullet-per-magazine weapon and avoid being hit by shooting them as s...

played 2.237 times
Play Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood
Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood game free online

Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood Game

Brace yourself for one bloody combat against some fearsome enemies. Shoot all of 'em before they even got you! Good luck! Shoot the soldiers that pop out on screen and blast them awa...

played 10.230 times
Play Bush Shoot Out
Bush Shoot Out game free online

Bush Shoot Out Game

Get Bush out of the White House that is under terrorists attack. The Bush and Kerry election was close. See what President Bush can do in this action packed game. Play as George Bush...

played 9.618 times
Play Buster Shaw Quick Draw
Buster Shaw Quick Draw game free online

Buster Shaw Quick Draw Game

Draw before the opponent does so this town will have you as their new sheriff.

played 10.065 times
Play Butlepigeon
Butlepigeon game free online

Butlepigeon Game

Kill all the pigeons before they reach the top, try not to hit the cats!

played 2.367 times
Play Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty game free online

Call Of Duty Game HOT

The popular computer game has got a flash version. This is the first of the two series of Call of Duty. Shoot the enemies as they popup in this Call of Duty game clone. Stay alive fo...

played 2.356 times
Play Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert
Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert game free online

Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert Game

You are under attack from the evil MUTANT TERRORIST DICTATOR CLONES! Each clone is born weak but will grow in both size and power as time goes by. Kill the larger ones first as these...

played 4.310 times
Play Chris Ryan's Sniper School
Chris Ryan's Sniper School game free online

Chris Ryan's Sniper School Game

Pass all the trainings to get to the real mission. Play the training games as many times as you like. When you are ready, click on the Begin Mission button on the right.

played 5.691 times