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First Person Shooter Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Christmas Card Shoot Em Up
Christmas Card Shoot Em Up game free online

Christmas Card Shoot Em Up Game

Shoot the Christmas card characters with your gun. Blast em! Shoot the lame christmas stuff.Miss too many things and it is game over. Shoot the angels for extra lives.

played 4.070 times
Play City Hunter
City Hunter game free online

City Hunter Game HOT

Shoot all enemies that pops out in front of you. Shoot your enemies as fast as possible. If they shoot you 25 times, you are dead. You have to be really fast!

played 1.957 times
Play Combat Instinct 2
Combat Instinct 2 game free online

Combat Instinct 2 Game HOT

You are being exposed to extreme radiation. Find a Decontamination chamber within 200 seconds. Your ship was crash in the alien planet. Try to shoot all the aliens to survive. Sur...

played 2.419 times
Play Combat Instinct 3
Combat Instinct 3 game free online

Combat Instinct 3 Game HOT

Thanks for helping us out! If you didn't step in, we would be dead by now... Shoot those aliens down as fast as you can once again is the main mission in this sequel.

played 2.790 times
Play Counter Force
Counter Force game free online

Counter Force Game HOT

Pistol and AWP Rifle training for counter-strike fans!Shoot the enemies with a pistol or a sniper rifle. Don't let any get away as you move to new levels. Use your hand gun to shoot...

played 1.839 times
Play Counter Strike
Counter Strike game free online

Counter Strike Game HOT

Another cool Counter Strike remake. Shoot down enemies as they pop up before they shoot you first.

played 3.747 times
Play Counter Strike Flash
Counter Strike Flash game free online

Counter Strike Flash Game

To progress you have to kill certain amount of enemies and get head shots. A pretty sweet 3D flash shooting game.

played 1.892 times
Play Counter Strike Flash Boom
Counter Strike Flash Boom game free online

Counter Strike Flash Boom Game HOT

Shoot all enemies that comes out or they will shoot you! Good old game Counter Strike style shooting game.

played 1.588 times
Play Counter Strike Source
Counter Strike Source game free online

Counter Strike Source Game HOT

Join the elite counter forces in gunning down your enemies with your awesome shooting skills. Good luck and enjoy!

played 6.402 times
Play Counterstrike Training Arena
Counterstrike Training Arena game free online

Counterstrike Training Arena Game HOT

A fun first person Counterstrike Training game. A flash version of the popular computer game Counterstrike.

played 2.292 times
Play Cowboy's School
Cowboy's School game free online

Cowboy's School Game

Train Your Aim and Shoot! you should try to shoot all targets as soon as they appear and don't forget to refill using the spacebar. Each time you miss you will lose a life. As you pr...

played 5.785 times
Play Cowboys
Cowboys game free online

Cowboys Game

You are being hunted, you are surrounded, you have no way to escape. Kill all of the cowboys, and try to survive.

played 6.558 times
Play Crazy Kimono Doll Assault
Crazy Kimono Doll Assault game free online

Crazy Kimono Doll Assault Game

You are under attack by a bunch of crazy kimono dolls with knives! They will kill you in one hit. Luckily, you happen to have a hand gun with unlimited bullets. Fire away! Rotate th...

played 2.395 times