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First Person Shooter Games

Top 5 Games

Play Cutie Quake
Cutie Quake game free online

Cutie Quake Game

The rules are simple, shoot all those cute little flying eggs and anything that moves. Watch out so you won;t get shot! Head shots are worth 4 points, wings 1 point and a body shot i...

played 2.371 times
Play Cyber UF2 Ultimate Force
Cyber UF2 Ultimate Force game free online

Cyber UF2 Ultimate Force Game HOT

Cyber uf2 is the ultimate shooter! Select the player and choose the right gun! Shoot down at stationary or moving targets reload your gun and fire before time runs out.

played 6.659 times
Play D Day In Normandy
D Day In Normandy game free online

D Day In Normandy Game

Great shooting game based on the war in Normandy! Very original, very cool and very fun to play! You are being landed on the beaches of Normandy in France specifically in Omaha Beach...

played 20.529 times
Play Damnation Preview
Damnation Preview game free online

Damnation Preview Game

Shoot down the hords of demonds in this classic doom remake. This is a shootout game. It means you aim with your mouse. click to shoot. You can reload and hide as well.

played 3.960 times
Play Damnation Shootout 2
Damnation Shootout 2 game free online

Damnation Shootout 2 Game HOT

Shoot a few characters from the Doom universe. Adjust weapon damage and more. Another game by the creator of Damnation. This one is a fully interactive shootout game where you can ch...

played 4.074 times
Play Danny Phantom Action Jack
Danny Phantom Action Jack game free online

Danny Phantom Action Jack Game HOT

Help Jack test his new weapon on the Fenton RV. Shoot at ghosts, ghost's weapons and bonuses.

played 14.461 times
Play David Blane Assassination
David Blane Assassination game free online

David Blane Assassination Game

Shoot David Blane with a sniper gun a couple of times as he swings back and forth in the glass box. How good is your aim?

played 5.020 times
Play Deadly Monsters
Deadly Monsters game free online

Deadly Monsters Game HOT

Your task is to kill as many monsters as possible. In the first level you must shoot at least 6 monsters, in the second 11, in the third 15, and in the fourth 22 monsters. In each le...

played 4.109 times
Play Doom (Original)
Doom (Original) game free online

Doom (Original) Game HOT

Awesome Doom remake in flash! A must play game.

played 159.527 times
Play Doom 2D
Doom 2D game free online

Doom 2D Game

The well known 3D ego shooter Doom comes now as a 2D action game! Many years have passed since the gate to hell stood open beneath Martian soil. In the end it was a single mar...

played 7.149 times
Play Doom Remake
Doom Remake game free online

Doom Remake Game

Your mission in this shooting game is to kill all dangerous zombies and survive as long as possible.

played 4.728 times
Play Doom Triple Pack
Doom Triple Pack game free online

Doom Triple Pack Game HOT

Three classic FPS games all slapped together in one awesome shoot 'em up flash game. Sweetness! Play the flash versions of the shooting classics Doom, Hexen and Heretic.

played 6.752 times
Play Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt game free online

Duck Hunt Game HOT

Shoot all the yellow ducks, do not miss any ducks or you will lose points.

played 2.497 times