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First Person Shooter Games

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Play Kon's Big Trouble
Kon's Big Trouble game free online

Kon's Big Trouble Game

Whip the bears as they pop up from behind the walls. Careful, it happens fast.

played 2.252 times
Play Lightsaber Practice
Lightsaber Practice game free online

Lightsaber Practice Game

Use your lightsaber to kill off the droids. You will encounter Darth Maul after reaching 200 pts. The game ends if you slashed Darth Maul.

played 11.942 times
Play Marksmen
Marksmen game free online

Marksmen Game

Shoot the zombies in this first person shooter as you move forward and use different weapons. Clean the zombie city and save prisoner! The virus had spread troughout the city. We'...

played 4.552 times
Play Mercenary Camp Prologue
Mercenary Camp Prologue game free online

Mercenary Camp Prologue Game

3D First Person Shooter (3D FPS) with many types of enemies, weapons and shooting gallery locations.

played 1.984 times
Play Micro Wars
Micro Wars game free online

Micro Wars Game

You have srunken and flown into the human body. Your objective is to shoot down all bacteria flowing down though the veins. Try to kill them before they get to you.

played 1.490 times
Play Monster Mash
Monster Mash game free online

Monster Mash Game HOT

Somehow Tatertown is infested with undead. Grab a gun and head to the graveyard that seems to be where they are coming from! As the hero in this game, head to the graveyard with your...

played 7.556 times
Play Monster Shootout
Monster Shootout game free online

Monster Shootout Game HOT

Shoot the targets before you run out of time!

played 1.441 times
Play Moorhuhn Shooter
Moorhuhn Shooter game free online

Moorhuhn Shooter Game HOT

You are a hunter looking for ducks, but suddenly all you see is flying chickens! Shoot as many chickens as you can before time runs out.

played 52.005 times
Play More Mindless Violence
More Mindless Violence game free online

More Mindless Violence Game

The bug-heads revenge... We are sending you in to take care of a few rebel bugs. It shouldn't be a problem, so you will be armed with just a pistol. In this shooting game with mindle...

played 4.314 times
Play Night Horror
Night Horror game free online

Night Horror Game HOT

Nothing is as scary as being in the haunted area at night. To help you cope with this night horror grab your gun and go try to make things right. Good luck with your night horror adv...

played 14.768 times
Play Nobuyuki Forces 2
Nobuyuki Forces 2 game free online

Nobuyuki Forces 2 Game

Shoot all the bad guys, make some cool combos, but be very fast!

played 2.461 times
Play Nobuyuki Forces 3
Nobuyuki Forces 3 game free online

Nobuyuki Forces 3 Game

Shoot all your enemy before they shoot you! There is the hideout of Mr. Nobuyuki on the island of Pacific Ocean. Nobuyuki who had related with the certain government calls out a mer...

played 1.652 times
Play Obsoleter
Obsoleter game free online

Obsoleter Game

Earn points by shooting targets as much as you can in the time allocated.

played 2.359 times