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First Person Shooter Games

Fun to Play!

Play Operation SOS
Operation SOS game free online

Operation SOS Game HOT

Fellow Elves - we interrupt this broadcast to inform you that Christmas is UNDER ATTACK !!! Evil Penguins from the South Pole have attacked Santa's Secret Happy Elf HQ. Worse still -...

played 3.497 times
Play Paratroopers 2 Enemy Is Back
Paratroopers 2 Enemy Is Back game free online

Paratroopers 2 Enemy Is Back Game

Shoot down the Paratroopers before they land in this fast paced Shoot'em'up!

played 2.750 times
Play Pigeon's Revenge
Pigeon's Revenge game free online

Pigeon's Revenge Game

Try to hit the people who are walking on the street with pigeons crap. Take control of a bird and try to poof on the heads of the passers by. You have limited ammo.

played 3.244 times
Play Pokemon Shoot 2
Pokemon Shoot 2 game free online

Pokemon Shoot 2 Game

Ever wanted to hunt down pokemon? Nows your chance in this pokemon hunting game where you can take target at Pikachu and the gang. Hello John, glad you could make it...any way I got...

played 5.835 times
Play Pokemon The Revolution
Pokemon The Revolution game free online

Pokemon The Revolution Game

Attack the flying pokemon with your gun. A terrorist group of communist pokemon has invaded the USA embassy in Brazil, killing everyone inside. Your mission is to infiltrate the bu...

played 8.341 times
Play Police Shoot
Police Shoot game free online

Police Shoot Game

Fight against terrorism, visit several city and ends with the terrorists who will try to kill him, shoot and kill everyone.

played 4.644 times
Play Power Rangers Mystic Training
Power Rangers Mystic Training game free online

Power Rangers Mystic Training Game HOT

Choose your character and start your training in this flash game based on the movie Power Ranger! One for each Mystic Ranger. Master all five to unlock the ultimate challenge and def...

played 11.525 times
Play Project X The First Strike
Project X The First Strike game free online

Project X The First Strike Game HOT

It was 50 years ago. As we left our planet due to a comet. In order to search for a new home. A peaceful home,a home with a future. But all we found was fear and death. Creatures fro...

played 3.858 times
Play Rambo Bros
Rambo Bros game free online

Rambo Bros Game HOT

Once upon a time there was a Beautifulprincess named Peach. She lived in a world named the mushroom kingdom. Everyhody in this kingdom is a mushroom except for Peach. True, this make...

played 3.385 times
Play Rambo The Fight Continues
Rambo The Fight Continues game free online

Rambo The Fight Continues Game HOT

Help Rambo slaughter some rebels in the east. Defend innocent villagers from the attacking mercenaries. Trapped in the jungle with hundreds of guys out to kill you - take 'em out Ram...

played 3.899 times
Play Rapid Fire 2
Rapid Fire 2 game free online

Rapid Fire 2 Game

Shoot all the targets to proceed to the next level. You will gain more points if you shoot them bulls eye. Only 5 misses allowed. Have fun!

played 2.388 times
Play Re-Animated Fit To Be pie'd
Re-Animated Fit To Be pie'd game free online

Re-Animated Fit To Be pie'd Game HOT

Join Golly and the gang for a free for all pie fight. Select your character and get ready to throw some pies!

played 16.661 times
Play Rebound Shooter
Rebound Shooter game free online

Rebound Shooter Game HOT

A shooting game to test your skills. Hit the targets and earn many points. The targets will start moving really fast the futher you go.

played 2.174 times