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First Person Shooter Games

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Play Area 41 Shooter
Area 41 Shooter game free online

Area 41 Shooter Game HOT

Shoot the cybernetic machines, collect objects and cash for points. BRIEFING: "Area:41" is a top secret research facility hidden deep in the Colorado mountains. There are many other...

played 2.849 times
Play Attack of the Killer Dolls
Attack of the Killer Dolls game free online

Attack of the Killer Dolls Game HOT

Shoot the killer dolls that are surrounding you quickly. Watch the radar and turn to face the dolls. Save yourself from the Attack Of The Killer Dolls. They have knives and will kill...

played 2.690 times
Play Teamwork Motion Pictures Ltd.
Teamwork Motion Pictures Ltd. game free online

Teamwork Motion Pictures Ltd. Game HOT

Play as a professional hired killer and kill all your enemy using sniper rifle! How Fast can you kill everyone? Great sniper game, make sure you don't get spotted. Mission: Defeat...

played 2.580 times
Play Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt game free online

Duck Hunt Game HOT

Shoot all the yellow ducks, do not miss any ducks or you will lose points.

played 2.515 times
Play Combat Instinct 2
Combat Instinct 2 game free online

Combat Instinct 2 Game HOT

You are being exposed to extreme radiation. Find a Decontamination chamber within 200 seconds. Your ship was crash in the alien planet. Try to shoot all the aliens to survive. Sur...

played 2.451 times
Play Schnappi Shooter
Schnappi Shooter game free online

Schnappi Shooter Game HOT

The goal of this game is simple, kill as many schnappies as possible within the time limit.

played 2.443 times
Play Encounter Specialist
Encounter Specialist game free online

Encounter Specialist Game HOT

Help inspector Sawant as he swears to clean up the scum of the country with utmost Imaandari. Dhiskyaon is the only to his sound that ears cause it's his bandook that does the talkin...

played 2.357 times
Play Beer Shooter
Beer Shooter game free online

Beer Shooter Game HOT

Shoot beer into the awaiting mouths. Be quick before the time runs out.

played 2.346 times
Play Counterstrike Training Arena
Counterstrike Training Arena game free online

Counterstrike Training Arena Game HOT

A fun first person Counterstrike Training game. A flash version of the popular computer game Counterstrike.

played 2.316 times
Play Brothers In Arms
Brothers In Arms game free online

Brothers In Arms Game HOT

This is the first part of the awesome Brothers in Arms series of shooting games. Kill all the enemies with your 8-bullet-per-magazine weapon and avoid being hit by shooting them as s...

played 2.262 times
Play The Escape 2
The Escape 2 game free online

The Escape 2 Game HOT

Shoot enemys in the head or body (you score more points for headshots). Blast your way through enemies with your pistol. Reload and get out.

played 2.219 times
Play Half Life 2
Half Life 2 game free online

Half Life 2 Game HOT

In this online shooting game you must shoot down all the enemies shooting back at you. Kill enemies with your weapon. You got 100 health and 45 bullet per one magazine.

played 2.087 times
Play Red Ken's Pigeon Cull
Red Ken's Pigeon Cull game free online

Red Ken's Pigeon Cull Game HOT

Ken is completely crackers about cleaning up London's Pigeon plagued streets. Help the man to free London from pesky pigeon invasion. Shoot them!

played 2.000 times