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First Person Shooter Games

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Play City Hunter
City Hunter game free online

City Hunter Game HOT

Shoot all enemies that pops out in front of you. Shoot your enemies as fast as possible. If they shoot you 25 times, you are dead. You have to be really fast!

played 1.973 times
Play Save The Cows
Save The Cows game free online

Save The Cows Game HOT

They come when no one is watching and steal the cows! In this funny flash game you must protect the cows from alien abduction by shooting the aliens to pieces, try not to shoot any c...

played 1.830 times
Play Western Shootout II
Western Shootout II game free online

Western Shootout II Game

Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals. Make the best decisions on who to shoot first or its game over in this shooter.

played 23.439 times
Play D Day In Normandy
D Day In Normandy game free online

D Day In Normandy Game

Great shooting game based on the war in Normandy! Very original, very cool and very fun to play! You are being landed on the beaches of Normandy in France specifically in Omaha Beach...

played 20.806 times
Play Americas Army
Americas Army game free online

Americas Army Game

Before you can get on the battlefield you have to pass this intense Army training session. Train for the army here!

played 20.528 times
Play World War 2 Soldier
World War 2 Soldier game free online

World War 2 Soldier Game

Blast through the trenches, shoot down the enemy Nazi troops and get off Normandy Beach. First person World War 2 shooter. Your Mission is to make it up tfie beach and eliminate most...

played 18.007 times
Play World War III Anti-Aircraft
World War III Anti-Aircraft game free online

World War III Anti-Aircraft Game

You control the turret, as the targets appear blow them out of the sky. Defend yourself from the aerial onslaught!Three levels of shooting the enemy war machines down so that you can...

played 16.991 times
Play Wild Boar Hunter
Wild Boar Hunter game free online

Wild Boar Hunter Game

Shoot as many wild boar as you can. Shoot the Wild boars by positioning the crosshair. Try shooting the head to kill in one go. Shoot as many Wild boars as you can. If You Miss 5 Wil...

played 12.829 times
Play Lightsaber Practice
Lightsaber Practice game free online

Lightsaber Practice Game

Use your lightsaber to kill off the droids. You will encounter Darth Maul after reaching 200 pts. The game ends if you slashed Darth Maul.

played 11.994 times
Play Buster Shaw Quick Draw
Buster Shaw Quick Draw game free online

Buster Shaw Quick Draw Game

Draw before the opponent does so this town will have you as their new sheriff.

played 10.448 times
Play Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood
Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood game free online

Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood Game

Brace yourself for one bloody combat against some fearsome enemies. Shoot all of 'em before they even got you! Good luck! Shoot the soldiers that pop out on screen and blast them awa...

played 10.294 times
Play Bush Shoot Out
Bush Shoot Out game free online

Bush Shoot Out Game

Get Bush out of the White House that is under terrorists attack. The Bush and Kerry election was close. See what President Bush can do in this action packed game. Play as George Bush...

played 9.933 times
Play Another Non African Safari
Another Non African Safari game free online

Another Non African Safari Game

Shoot down all attacking animals in this difficult, fast action shooter. Enjoy this great safari shooting game. Do not forget to reload your gun!

played 9.847 times