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Ghost Games

Are you good enough?

Play Ghost Motel 9 - Training Continues
Ghost Motel 9 - Training Continues game free online

Ghost Motel 9 - Training Continues Game HOT

Your objective is to exterminate any demons in the vicinity of the downtown Hardware Store. Ghost Motel 9 starts out with Joseph trying his first mission as a demon hunter in a 3D an...

played 8.668 times
Play Ghost Rider - Demon Duel
Ghost Rider - Demon Duel game free online

Ghost Rider - Demon Duel Game

You're Ghost Rider. Whip the incoming bad guys with your chain from hell. Line 'em up or you'll miss. Eliminate all the zombies by smashing them using your powerful weapon the flamin...

played 7.137 times
Play Ghost Town
Ghost Town game free online

Ghost Town Game

This Pre-Halloween Game invites you to a senseless ghost massacre! Design your own Ghost Buster and pester the ghosts. You are entering the ghost town, now is your turn to defend you...

played 7.231 times
Play Ghost Typing
Ghost Typing game free online

Ghost Typing Game HOT

Destroy the ghosts by typing the words on them. Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up.

played 5.898 times
Play Ghost Wrath
Ghost Wrath game free online

Ghost Wrath Game

Fly through dungeons in your Wraith. This is a Nintendo 64 style game about ghosts, locks, traps, hallways, etc. On a remote planet there live creatures that can only be described as...

played 6.660 times
Play Ghosts & Beers
Ghosts & Beers game free online

Ghosts & Beers Game

You are a wizard that loves to drink beer and eat Italian pizza. You have just dicoverd that the best magical beers appear in the undead land. You have no fear, you want to drink tho...

played 5.123 times
Play Ghostscape
Ghostscape game free online

Ghostscape Game

Capture evidence of ghosts and escape the house. Try to escape the house. Collect evidence of paranormal activity, find diary pages to reveal the backstory and perform an occult cere...

played 19.928 times
Play Hallowscream
Hallowscream game free online

Hallowscream Game HOT

Simple shooting game with a Halloween theme. Just blast the monsters as they walk towards you. Don't let too many get close or you'll die quick!

played 4.047 times
Play Megaman Vs Ghost N Goblins
Megaman Vs Ghost N Goblins game free online

Megaman Vs Ghost N Goblins Game HOT

Play as Megaman and fight off ghosts and goblins. Demons, ghouls, magic rock monster. Megaman returns in this challenging adventure. Megaman has set out on a challenging mission thro...

played 8.297 times
Play Scooby Doo Ghost in the Cellar
Scooby Doo Ghost in the Cellar game free online

Scooby Doo Ghost in the Cellar Game HOT

The Ghost of Christmas Past is after Shaggy and Scooby. You must disguise them by using the costumes present on the screen, following the statue model in the bottom left corner. Scoo...

played 23.879 times
Play The Invasion Of The Halloween-Monsters
The Invasion Of The Halloween-Monsters game free online

The Invasion Of The Halloween-Monsters Game HOT

Oh no! The Halloween-monsters have come to steal all of the Halloween-candy! Now it's up to you, the good hearted dr.Schwartz, to try to stop them and bring back as much of the stol...

played 3.746 times