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Play Gladiator Arena free online now. You are in the arena with fellow gladiators and tigers. Last one standing wins. Destroy all your ene... Read more

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Gladiator Arena Online Game

Gladiator Arena Game Description

You are in the arena with fellow gladiators and tigers. Last one standing wins. Destroy all your enemies in Gladiator Arena.

Gladiator Arena Game Instructions

W - Move Forward
S - Move Backwards
D - Steer Right
A - Steer Left
Space - Use your shield
Mouse Click-Attack


UP - Move Forward
DOWN - Move Backwards
RIGHT - Steer Right
LEFT - Steer Left
S - Use your shield
A - Attack

Sword - Main Weapon
Boulder - Medium Weapon
Axe- Top Weapon
Health - Varies between 1

Control set A :

1. Gladiator, a very powerful enemy, takes time to defeat Sometimes drop items.

2. Hero, the person you can control with the controls. Keep the hero alive as long as possible.

3. Tiger, will appear every now and then and circle around you for certain time. Easy to kill.

Press "P" to pause the game. Press "M" to stop the music.
You can carry one weapon at a time, and blocking is essential. If you attack multiple times, you can do combo's.

Gladiator Arena Screenshot

Gladiator Arena Game
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Game name: Gladiator Arena
Played: 4.639 times
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