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Gladiator & Warrior Games

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Go get your sword and sandals, create your own roman hero and battle your way to fame and fortune upon the sands of the arena. Destroy all challengers in the Roman Colosseum, buy tons of cool weapons and become the new Gladiator Champion! You will see that we have the coolest gladiator games at Gamesloon!

Play Aevarrons Coliseum
Aevarrons Coliseum game free online

Aevarrons Coliseum Game HOT

Get into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using various combo attacks.

played 13.013 times
Play Amazons Vs Athenians
Amazons Vs Athenians game free online

Amazons Vs Athenians Game HOT

The Amazons want to rescue their queen who was captured by the Athenians, and the Athenians want to protect the captured Amazon Queen. In this shooting game you are competing against...

played 10.622 times
Play American Gladiators
American Gladiators game free online

American Gladiators Game HOT

A great 3D version of American Gladiators. Compete against the American Gladiators. There are various practive events and you can then compete.

played 37.048 times
Play Ancient Warrior
Ancient Warrior game free online

Ancient Warrior Game HOT

In Massive battles there would be Ancient Warriors. Who would take on hundreds of enemies with out a single wound. You can now play as one chosing what weapons and stats and talents...

played 10.917 times
Play Barbarian - Sword Tournament
Barbarian - Sword Tournament game free online

Barbarian - Sword Tournament Game HOT

This time, you won't miss It. and most of all you will earn its final price : the legendary Fire Sword, which bring power and reign over all the kingdom for a year. But before you ma...

played 12.794 times
Play Day Of Valor
Day Of Valor game free online

Day Of Valor Game

Find out if today is your Day of Valor! In Ancient Roman times, warriors of the Greek and Roman worlds would come together to celebrate and compete in trials of skill and cunning kno...

played 4.047 times
Play Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior game free online

Dragon Warrior Game HOT

Traveling North to rescue my beloved from the Dragon. It is clear the wolves are sick, it has been a long time since I communed with the wolf spirit, but I fear it is too late. If th...

played 5.280 times
Play Fire Child The early Adventures of Lona
Fire Child The early Adventures of Lona game free online

Fire Child The early Adventures of... Game

Enter the world EPD Lona, a young warrior born of fire. Complete various missions in a shadowy world full of animals and enemies. Born into the Fire is a 2D side-scroller game in...

played 6.773 times
Play Flipshot Warrior in Time
Flipshot Warrior in Time game free online

Flipshot Warrior in Time Game HOT

Sort of like arkanoid game except it is on vertical line. Destroy all the colored rocks in order to win. If Breakout had a character and had some type of story behind it. It might lo...

played 4.642 times
Play Gladiator
Gladiator game free online

Gladiator Game

You are a slave chosen to fight in the Roman Colosseum. Destroy all challengers and become the Gladiator Champion. In this gladiator fighting game, your aims is to destroy all challe...

played 10.531 times
Play Gladiator - Castle Wars
Gladiator - Castle Wars game free online

Gladiator - Castle Wars Game HOT

Gladiator Castle Wars is a platform fighting game where you battle through an arena with the aim of gaining a princesses favour. This cool game features over 50 different weapons and...

played 7.564 times
Play Gladiator 2
Gladiator 2 game free online

Gladiator 2 Game

You are a slave chosen to fight in the Roman Colosseum, Destroy all challengers and become the Gladiator Champion. Use your sword or mace to destroy all challengers and become the Gl...

played 8.147 times
Play Gladiator Arena
Gladiator Arena game free online

Gladiator Arena Game

You are in the arena with fellow gladiators and tigers. Last one standing wins. Destroy all your enemies in Gladiator Arena.

played 5.831 times