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Vindex Chronicles game

Play Vindex Chronicles free online now. Long, long time ago, in the great Roman empire, lived a noble and wise young man named Virginlus Rufus. At very young ag... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.596 times
Vindex Chronicles game info

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Vindex Chronicles Online Game

Vindex Chronicles Game Description

Long, long time ago, in the great Roman empire, lived a noble and wise young man named Virginlus Rufus. At very young age of him he successfully managed to be a governor. Vindex, 15 the brave soldier of Rome. He took part in many important Battles and won them. With so many wars he fought for Rome, he is well known as a respectable general not only among his colleagues but also in the eyes of his enemies. After the glory time of Rome, comes a moment where the senates. The highest part of the empire system, become so corrupt. Meanwhile the emperor becomes a tyrant. People of Rome are suffering because of the very high tax raising. Unsatisfied people of Rome arise to fight their rights. Rebellions spread all over the country. Rufus realizes he needs to end that chaotic situation. Lead by Vindex as his general they start a big step to take over the corrupted senates and tyranic emperor in the empire. By the bravery of Vindex. Rufus succeeded to take over the Rome empire and made himself an emperor, meanwhile Vindex became a great hero for people of Rome. Together they lead Rome into democracy and prosperity once again. Rufus realized the world will not at peace before the world is united. Once again, for the glory of Rome, rufus asks his general. Vindex, for a duty of honour. Brings the world peace under the wisdom of Rome empire. And the Vindex chronicle begins. Help Vindex protect the peace and unite the world. As a roman hero you must use your sword to destroy the opposing forces, then later upgrading your weapons and armor.

Vindex Chronicles Game Instructions

Arrow keys to move.
Q to use health potion.
E to use elixer.
A to attack.
S to break guard.
D to use guard.
Z to use special attack combo 1.
X to Special attack combo 2.
U to View upgrade menu.

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Vindex Chronicles Screenshot

Vindex Chronicles Game
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Game name: Vindex Chronicles
Played: 2.596 times
Category: Action games » Gladiator & Warrior games
Author: BGM

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