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Knights & Medieval Games

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Are you someone of great strength and courage? Play as a knight, paladin or barbarian and slay bandits, dragons and goblins! Or play as a king of a small kingdom where great evil had swept across the land. Expand your castle by recruiting soldiers and workers. Defend against hostile savages and collect gold to become a mighty Kingdom that rules the world!

Play Overrun The Final Chapter
Overrun The Final Chapter game free online

Overrun The Final Chapter Game HOT

The Orcs are attacking the castle. Your bow and arrows are the only hope to stop them from far and repel the attack. Shoot down the orcs invading your castle by using your bow and ar...

played 5.803 times
Play The Barbarian
The Barbarian game free online

The Barbarian Game HOT

The evil sorceror Drax has abducted the beautiful princess Mariana to satiate his nefarious desires. A powerful warrior is sought to vanquish Srax? demonic guardians and free the pri...

played 4.641 times
Play Squire
Squire game free online

Squire Game HOT

Save the Kingdom from destruction. You're a squire in training. Learn the moves and then set out in this first person RPG.

played 3.939 times
Play Sling Wars in the Middle Ages
Sling Wars in the Middle Ages game free online

Sling Wars in the Middle Ages Game HOT

Like in Tanks or Worms you defeat opponents in this funny battle game. Throw stuff instead of using hi-tech weapons as you are in the Middle Ages. You play for African, European,...

played 3.538 times
Play Joust
Joust game free online

Joust Game HOT

Flap over your enemies and land on them for points and ultimate glory! In this game you are controlling a rider-mounted giant ostrich. Defeated enemies drop eggs which must be picked...

played 3.417 times
Play Knight Survivor
Knight Survivor game free online

Knight Survivor Game HOT

Fight against hordes of green apples and ghosts to survive. After level 2 the stage restarst with a greater difficulty.

played 2.639 times
Play Pawel & The Teutonic Castle
Pawel & The Teutonic Castle game free online

Pawel & The Teutonic Castle Game HOT

Pawel is a young Polish knight who wants to get rid of the Teutonic knights that have invaded his land. Shoot arrows at the archers on the castle while dodging the on coming arrows....

played 2.488 times
Play Arcane - The Armor Collector
Arcane - The Armor Collector game free online

Arcane - The Armor Collector Game HOT

Medieval fighting game, defeat all the enemy archers and swordsmen. Fight and earn your way to glory in this middle age style tournament using bows, boomerangs, kunais, swords, axes...

played 13.226 times
Play Battlefield - General
Battlefield - General game free online

Battlefield - General Game HOT

It is the Qin dynasty in ancient China. The First Emperor Qin demands that all lands be pacified and be brought under his dominion. He has plans to build the Great Wall of China to p...

played 9.449 times
Play Lord Of War Chapter 2 Campaign
Lord Of War Chapter 2 Campaign game free online

Lord Of War Chapter 2 Campaign Game HOT

The good days are over. The creeps are determined to prepare a campaign against the human race. We're facing extinction if we don't do something about it. That's where you come in. P...

played 7.681 times
Play Darkness Springs - Haunted Prison Colony
Darkness Springs - Haunted Prison Colony game free online

Darkness Springs - Haunted Prison C... Game HOT

The latest part of the mouse-driven RPG action adventure game Darkness Springs called Haunted Prison Colony which features different characters. Click around the world to move and go...

played 7.292 times
Play Sleepless Assassin Fortress Escape
Sleepless Assassin Fortress Escape game free online

Sleepless Assassin Fortress Escape Game HOT

In a far off land, a legend tells of a princess robbed of her birthright. A Princess who served her country faithfully as a Knight of the Realm. A Princess who was betrayed by her si...

played 5.782 times
Play The Double Siege
The Double Siege game free online

The Double Siege Game HOT

Your goal is to destroy the enemy's castle with a canon. Before your fire the cannon you should set up its tangent angel and fire strength. Try to take the other castle down with you...

played 4.619 times