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Tor Smash Master game

Play Tor Smash Master free online now. Here you are playing Tor, the friendly Martian smash master! Walk through this strange planet smashing everything using... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.310 times
Tor Smash Master game info

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Tor Smash Master Online Game

Tor Smash Master Game Description

Here you are playing Tor, the friendly Martian smash master! Walk through this strange planet smashing everything using your giant club.

You are Tor, a large, gentle natured Martian, living in peace and solitude in the Martian wilderness. Unfortunately, video games don't often go on like that for long. Earthlings have finally visited your planet, and are bringing with them their litter, rap rock, religions, and fast food restaurant franchises. You grab your state of the art SmashMaster 4000 and set out to shut down their invasion at the source.

Tor Smash Master Game Instructions

Arrows Keys - Walk.
A - Smash Enemies.
S - Pick up stuff.
D - Whirl.

Tor is a bona fide 'wild and crazy martian', so controlling him is no easy task. He has a palette of actions that puts Mario to shame.

arrow keys: Tor moves. This is a necessary first step down the road of serious smashing.

'a' button: Tor SMASH!!! [hold down 'a' before letting go for more SMASH)

's' button: Pick something up. Most bad guys and rocks can be lifted for a rather emasculating toss. To throw a bad guy, press the 'a' button. If you hold on too long, they'll get away,

'd' button: Like a gazelle, Tor spins away from danger. You must be holding down an arrow key for the spin maneuver to work. You'll be invulnerable to attack while you're in a spin, so do it often. Tor won't get dizzy.

BoxBot: These Mech Tyson's are the first wave of Earth's welcome wagon. They're relatively weak and predictable, and oh so smashable.

Spotty: This native Martian beast is fast, vicious, and accurate. Especially dangerous in groups.

Dirty Joe: This is the last thing you're gonna see in this phase of the game. He's an abominable mud man who seems to have no interest besides stomping fleshies.

The SmashMaster 4000 comes standard with fire and quake technology. Press the SPACEBAR to toggle power mode. These upgrades only fire if the SmashMaster is charged over 50%.

Each one gives the SmashMaster a different firing pattern. You can collect more in future versions of the game.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for various power-ups, often concealed in wooden crates.

Play the Tor Smash Master Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Tor Smash Master Screenshot

Tor Smash Master Game
Action Online Game info
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Game name: Tor Smash Master
Played: 4.310 times
Category: Action games » Monster games
Author: Angry Binary

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