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Platformer Games

Play Eyeball
Eyeball game free online

Eyeball Game

A walking eyeball named Emerson roams a nighmarish landscape searching for the exit sign. You have a limited view to see what is comming.

played 5.834 times
Play Fireman Incoming Storm
Fireman Incoming Storm game free online

Fireman Incoming Storm Game

Incoming Storm...instructions in game. fight make way through the enemies if you can. This is a side-scrolling game resembling the classic MegaMan gameplay. In this game you have to...

played 3.166 times
Play Gary And The Brain Eating From Shape Shifters Mars
Gary And The Brain Eating From Shape Shifters Mars game free online

Gary And The Brain Eating From Shap... Game HOT

Drawing to the end of another day of tedium and humiliation, Gary, the HappyWorld mascot came upon the realisation that the visitors to the theme park were indeed shape shifting brai...

played 1.965 times
Play Heavy Metal Girl
Heavy Metal Girl game free online

Heavy Metal Girl Game HOT

Lay down some killer riffs in this fun platform game. Clear the level of the robots by hitting them with your heavy metal music. Collect the bonuses as the enemies get harder each le...

played 4.375 times
Play Hellbound
Hellbound game free online

Hellbound Game

Devlin the little demon is teased by the other demons because he doesn't have any wings. Determined to get wings, he travels to the deep pits of hell to claim them. Fall into hell a...

played 3.273 times
Play Hey Wizard
Hey Wizard game free online

Hey Wizard Game HOT

Grab your wand and fight dozens of monsters and gain new skills! In Hey Wizard you play as a little wizard that will destroy evil monsters with the help of set of upgradeable spells....

played 4.271 times
Play Ickibod And The Lost Bucket Of Sweets
Ickibod And The Lost Bucket Of Sweets game free online

Ickibod And The Lost Bucket Of Sweets Game HOT

Ickibod has nothing short of what most people call a sweet tooth. Come Halloween morning when Ickibod goes for his usual breakfast candy, he discovers that his candy is missing, so h...

played 3.766 times
Play Jamps The Explorer
Jamps The Explorer game free online

Jamps The Explorer Game

Grab the food, and jump over the bombs that are placed on each level of this platformer. This is an arcade-styled game where you need to collect all items in the level to pass it. Th...

played 3.406 times
Play Journey To The Center Of The Mind
Journey To The Center Of The Mind game free online

Journey To The Center Of The Mind Game

A game designed by an awesome kid called Chandler! This game has so much content it's unreal. Robots, Ninja, Aliens, Zombies, Reptile Biker Lizards, Dance Competitions, Laser swords,...

played 3.336 times
Play Kids Next Door - Operation M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H
Kids Next Door - Operation M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H game free online

Kids Next Door - Operation M.O.S.Q.... Game HOT

A battle pod containing the delightful children from down the lane is racing towards headquarters. In order to intercept the kids must launch M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H. (Massively oversize...

played 4.607 times
Play Little Fat Ninja
Little Fat Ninja game free online

Little Fat Ninja Game

Castle Volcsum has been invaded by the Evil Horde. Ifs up to you (the Little Fat Ninja) to rid the castle of these fiends and restore order to this once happy place. The Horde has se...

played 4.650 times
Play Little Fire Ninja
Little Fire Ninja game free online

Little Fire Ninja Game HOT

Help little ninja defeat enemies and collect all the scrolls to move to the next level. Slice and dice the fireballs and other crazy creatures. Some of which throw their eyeballs at...

played 5.607 times
Play Live Wires
Live Wires game free online

Live Wires Game

You are in a zone of live wires. Your aim is to jump on the slider below before your slider reaches on top. Touching the electric field will incur shock. Better be careful. Collect p...

played 2.211 times