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Reactor Twist 3D game

Play Reactor Twist 3D free online now. Shoot the Robots before they destroy the Alien's reactor core! A fast-paced gameplay in real-time 3D! Stop the Robots fr... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 6.239 times
Reactor Twist 3D game info

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Reactor Twist 3D Online Game

Reactor Twist 3D Game Description

Shoot the Robots before they destroy the Alien's reactor core! A fast-paced gameplay in real-time 3D! Stop the Robots from stealing the Alien's reactor core containers! You complete a stage when the timer reaches zero and there is at least one container left. You lose a life for each container that the Robots steal. Lose all lives and it is 'Game Over'. Good luck!!

Reactor Twist 3D Game Instructions

Rotate the turret by pressing left or right on the keyboard. Press the Z key to fire a regular shot. Press the X key to fire a special shot. Change the camera angle by pressing up or down on the keyboard.

New survival mode: the robots will self-detonate when they collide with you - keep them away as long as you can! The game is over when you lose all your lives. The goal is to destroy as many robots as you can and collect the bolts they leave behind for points (attract with the X key).

Special shots:
Super punch:
Pushes the robot all the way back to the end of the arena.

Gives all robots a push and stuns them temporarily.

Magnet shot
This retrieves a stolen container.

Time jump
Reduces time by 5 seconds (this clears a stage faster!)

You acquire a special shot by hitting a robot that displays one of the icons above. Press the x key to fire a special shot.

HINTS and TIPS: Whatever happens, don't panic! Keep your head cool and a finger on the trigger. Twist around to make sure the Robots don't sneak up from behind. Keep an eye out for Robots that hold 'special shots'. Use these wisely - you'll need them!!


Blue robot: name: '130'
Forward speed: fast.
Backward speed: slow.
Weight: medium.
T3d' is the standard attack model; quick to move in, but slows down when dragging objects. Weakness: slow to recover when hit.

Yellow robot: name: 'Destructor-z'
Forward speed: normal.
Backward speed: fast.
Weight: heavy.
'Destructor-z' is the special acquisitions model; it is heavily fortified and has enhanced reversing technology. Weakness: vulnerable to super punches.

Rocket robot: name: smart
Forward speed: very fast.
Backward speed: n/a.
Weight: light.
This smart missile snoozes while charging up to launch and annihilates its target on impact. Weakness: the charge sequence is reset when 'smart' gets hit (even when already charging!).

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Reactor Twist 3D Screenshot

Reactor Twist 3D Game
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Game name: Reactor Twist 3D
Played: 6.239 times
Category: Action games » Robot games
Author: Robots And Aliens

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