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Bushido Solitaire game

Play Bushido Solitaire free online now. Play a fascinating Bushido Solitaire and become as patient as a real Samurai. You are to place all cards in four foundat... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 59.830 times
Bushido Solitaire game info

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Bushido Solitaire Online Game

Bushido Solitaire Game Description

Play a fascinating Bushido Solitaire and become as patient as a real Samurai. You are to place all cards in four foundations on the right in the ascending order, beginning with the initial card of a given value.

Bushido Solitaire Game Instructions

The initial card is the first card in the upper left corner which determines the starting card for the foundations. Its value is selected randomly. The other three cards of the same value as the initial one are automatically dealt to start the foundations. Foundations are built up by suit and in the ascending order. An ace has a value of one and is placed on top of klng. You can move the top card in the stacks to the foundations or to the cells, located at the bottom of the screen. If the top cards in the stacks form a straight of the same suit, the whole straight can be moved to another stack as a group. Empty stacks can be filled only with the cards which are one rank lower than the value of the initial card or with klngs, if the initial card is an ace.

Press undo or redo buttons to undo/redo the moves. Scores are given to you if you finish the round successfully, and if you fail - the scores are taken away. Before the game you choose the game mode which can be of two types: classic and timed.

There are several ranks in the game (from novice to professional). If you play several rounds successfully your rank rises.

Hot keys
Fl - to see the rules
Pause - to pause/resume the game

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Bushido Solitaire Game
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Game name: Bushido Solitaire
Played: 59.830 times
Category: Action games » Samurai games
Author: Double Games

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