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Apocalypse game

Play Apocalypse free online now. Some sort of virus has gotten loose and spread over the entire globe. The gods are a little busy with other matters, so... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.446 times
Apocalypse game info

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Apocalypse Online Game

Apocalypse Game Description

Some sort of virus has gotten loose and spread over the entire globe.
The gods are a little busy with other matters, so they have granted you
an assortment of powers to deal with the problem as you see fit. There are creatures, mutants, and most people who aren't infected have gone crazy. As for the sane survivors — hill them or save them, it's up to you.

After a virus has gotten loose, there are few survivors left on the earth. Deal with them as you wish, but watch out for the infected!

Apocalypse Game Instructions

Numers 1 to 8 choose ability.
Mouse button - use ability.
Esc - Pauze

When your HP reaches 0 you die.

The yellow outline Indicates the currenlly selected ability.

AP points are Gained from billing enemies and saving
(or billing) survivors. Used to upgrade or
learn abilities on the world map screen.

An enemy. Will start attaching you when it gets in range.

A survivor - it's your decision to either bill them or save them.

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Apocalypse Game
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Game name: Apocalypse
Played: 4.446 times
Category: Action games » Shooter games
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