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Shooting Gallery Games

Play Penguin Shoot
Penguin Shoot game free online

Penguin Shoot Game HOT

Shoot either a clay or a penguin that are thrown out! Shoot the penguins as fast as possible then shoot the targets that float with them.

played 3.524 times
Play Pistol Training
Pistol Training game free online

Pistol Training Game HOT

Practice your aiming skills with 3 types of pistol. You need to be skillful to advance through all three levels. You have 3 targets to hit. 4 bullets per target. Points are awarded f...

played 3.284 times
Play Balloon Shooter
Balloon Shooter game free online

Balloon Shooter Game HOT

Fun and simple balloon shooter, shoot as many balloons as you can.

played 3.114 times
Play RGB
RGB game free online


Shoot the colored targets with the same colored of bullets. Can you keep up as the targets switch quickly from colors? Shoot the targets with the right ammo, accuracy is key to your...

played 2.989 times
Play Resident WiiVile
Resident WiiVile game free online

Resident WiiVile Game HOT

This Game Contains Explicit Scenes of Resident Evil Puns, B Grade Horror, and Bunny Co-Stars. This game Carries A G Rating and Can be Played on you're Nintendo WII Entertainment Syst...

played 2.781 times
Play Counter Strike Lite
Counter Strike Lite game free online

Counter Strike Lite Game HOT

Your objective here is to shoot the target as many as you can before the time runs out. Shoot the targets in the given time... 4 maps to choose from. Choose your arena and shoot!

played 2.539 times
Play Guby En El Oeste
Guby En El Oeste game free online

Guby En El Oeste Game

Battle the legendary chicken. You have to be really fast to beat him. Shoot the chicken before he shoots you!

played 2.503 times
Play Blam Blam
Blam Blam game free online

Blam Blam Game

Looks a bit like Point Blank. Play a few mini shooter games and get a nice score!

played 2.389 times
Play Fire at Will
Fire at Will game free online

Fire at Will Game

This first person shooter is a ton of fun. Blast all of the targets as fast as you can. There's 4 different locations where you can test your reactions. And the maps are pretty reali...

played 2.346 times
Play Operation Switchover
Operation Switchover game free online

Operation Switchover Game HOT

After the switchover to digital TV there are huge stock-piles of obselete analogue sets. The Egg-men have decided to help out by shooting them! Hit as many TVs as you can within the...

played 2.255 times
Play Stabika 99 Red Balloons
Stabika 99 Red Balloons game free online

Stabika 99 Red Balloons Game HOT

Release all 99 red balloons as fast as possible, and show the world how fast you are. Click the bombs attached to the balloons as fast as possible as you compete for the high score.

played 2.244 times
Play Evil Balloon Siege
Evil Balloon Siege game free online

Evil Balloon Siege Game HOT

Save the castle from the invading balloon horde! Click to throw pins! Aim carefully and pop as many as you can!

played 2.156 times
Play Paintball War The Village
Paintball War The Village game free online

Paintball War The Village Game HOT

A paintball shooting gallery game. Try to shoot as many as you can before they shoot you and you're out of the game.

played 2.137 times