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MiLife Online Game

MiLife Game Description

To pass the final Major Project, and therefore the level, you must collect the six parts of the project. Otherwise you will fail if you pass the deadline.

Shoot the crazy creatures and stay away from them. Jump around grabbing projects laying around. You need to collect the parts of the project in order to pass the deadline. If your grade is less than 60% you will fail the project.

MiLife Game Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move around. Hold the 'up' arrow while pressing 'X' to shoot at enemies above you.

Use the 'Z' key to jump. Jumping while running will allow you to travel further.

Use the 'X' key to shoot. Tapping X' will fire more rounds.

Use these keys to set quality. 1= low. 2= medium and 3= high. If MiLife is running slowly set it to a lower quality.

About the game:
MiLife is an online, autobiographical, episodic game, and therefore the levels are based on what I have been doing with my life.

This, the first level, is based on the creation of MiLife itself for my Final Major Project at university. As such the level 1s littered with references and symbolism related to what I have been doing during the creation process. These pages are here to explain some of the symbolism and fill you in on anything that may seem unclear. Such as why I have a gun and what the enemies stand for.

About the Weapon:
The F.C.G. 07 is a Flash keyframe firing weapon, with a built in 'Add Keyframe' function, so after the initial load of 12 keyframes it no longer needs loading. When fired the empty keyframe is ejected out the top of the gun.

This represents that every keyframe I do is another keyframe closer to finishing the project, and therefore another blow against all the things that are distracting or otherwise hindering my progress. Hence these keyframes are used to defeat the enemies. See what the enemies represent on the next page.

About the enemies:

Actionscript Bug
MiLife is my first real attempt at making a Flash game so these bastards are pretty common. Watch out. their pincers are coded with a gotoAndDie(); script.

An incredibly subtle reference to the popular website A major distraction with its dangerous poke attack and updates sent directly to your e-mail inbox.

This furry critter represents my own laziness. Looks harmless enough but walk underneath him and be prepared for a whack. It's probably best to shoot him down first.

Xbob 360
Xbob is an evil Xbox 360 that is hellbent on stopping the progress of the Final Major Project. Watch out for the falling wireless controllers and shoot the console.

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MiLife Game
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Game name: MiLife
Played: 1.484 times
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