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Side-Scrolling Combat Games

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Play Escape From Helltowers
Escape From Helltowers game free online

Escape From Helltowers Game HOT

Shoot your way through the legions of undead and save civilians along the way. Your mission is to escape from the evil research facility known as Helltowers while saving as many pris...

played 4.336 times
Play Fairly Odd Parents Guts 'n Glory
Fairly Odd Parents Guts 'n Glory game free online

Fairly Odd Parents Guts 'n Glory Game HOT

A game of hide and seek gone horribly wrong. Wanda was swallowed by Pappy, and now she's stuck In his Incredibly gross digestive system! Cosmo can't seem to wish her out, so It’s up...

played 15.066 times
Play Fantastic Four Rush Crush
Fantastic Four Rush Crush game free online

Fantastic Four Rush Crush Game HOT

Destroy all the missles and tanks that stand in your way. The Power Smash destroys multiple Doom-bots in one go. To activate, charge your power bar by destroying enemies. Help the T...

played 6.476 times
Play Fast Food
Fast Food game free online

Fast Food Game

The fastfood is arriving in the town and you must protect all citizens. Arm yourself with cherry tomatoes and finish all the greasy food. Run along in this sidescroller as you shoot...

played 5.855 times
Play Fighting School
Fighting School game free online

Fighting School Game HOT

Help the student fight the bad guys at his school, special power included. Choose to play Fano or Mao in this street fighting game. Have fun!

played 2.631 times
Play Fire Child The early Adventures of Lona
Fire Child The early Adventures of Lona game free online

Fire Child The early Adventures of... Game

Enter the world EPD Lona, a young warrior born of fire. Complete various missions in a shadowy world full of animals and enemies. Born into the Fire is a 2D side-scroller game in...

played 6.193 times
Play Forever Part 1
Forever Part 1 game free online

Forever Part 1 Game HOT

Forever is a peak-down act position featuring a sole soldier on an environmentally ravaged planet. Though you don't be informed why you're on this risky planet.

played 3.512 times
Play Fruit Adventure
Fruit Adventure game free online

Fruit Adventure Game

Help the fruit rescue his fiancee kidnapped by an evil wizard, in this side scrolling adventure game. Help frutita to find his girlfriend, a terrible magician has kidnapped her. Coll...

played 5.540 times
Play Gangster Pursuit
Gangster Pursuit game free online

Gangster Pursuit Game HOT

As a cop its your duty to kill the gangsters in this town and keep the citizens safe! Run and jump over obstacles. Shoot the gangsters as you jump over their cover.

played 6.314 times
Play Gangsters
Gangsters game free online

Gangsters Game HOT

Walk and jump around each level and shoot the enemies. Grab their weapons, health and ammo.

played 5.600 times
Play Get Ed Dojo Delivery Dash
Get Ed Dojo Delivery Dash game free online

Get Ed Dojo Delivery Dash Game

Race to deliver packages in the future world of progress city to bring down the evil Mr, Beldam. Race around the tron-like levels making deliveries on your hoverboard. Be quick or el...

played 12.610 times
Play Gladiator - Castle Wars
Gladiator - Castle Wars game free online

Gladiator - Castle Wars Game HOT

Gladiator Castle Wars is a platform fighting game where you battle through an arena with the aim of gaining a princesses favour. This cool game features over 50 different weapons and...

played 7.256 times
Play Go Boom
Go Boom game free online

Go Boom Game HOT

You're driving in a yellow beetle whilst you have to shoot attacking aliens with notes. You are the only one who can stop the onslaught of enemies. Use your sound system to show them...

played 4.994 times