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Sniper Games

Train your deadly aiming skills and play the best sniper games free online. Get your gun and your scope and train your skills. Avoid detection to become the ultimate sniper. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate sniper? Observe, infiltrate and eliminate your enemies, they don't even know whats coming! Go on top of buildings and take out your targets one by one with your supreme skills and head shots. Start playing the free online sniper games below and become the Elite sniper you we're always meant to be.

Play Terror Camp
Terror Camp game free online

Terror Camp Game HOT

Across the world terrorist outfits are becoming a seriour problem. Every country in the world today is deploying special forces to eliminate and nutralise terrorist threats. The defe...

played 3.473 times
Play The Professionals
The Professionals game free online

The Professionals Game HOT

Play the role of a trainee sniper. The aim is to shoot the targets moving around the various assault courses with your sniper rifle. But to gain more points you have to shoot the tar...

played 2.215 times
Play The Strangers 2
The Strangers 2 game free online

The Strangers 2 Game HOT

Protect your family and friends, be a sniper and shoot the rebels. New maps, new strategic positions and a different quest. You are on your own to defend a village form strangers....

played 2.171 times
Play Sniper
Sniper game free online

Sniper Game HOT

The Dutch embassy in Paris is taken over by terrorists. It is your mission to relief the building of it's hostile intruders. A red dot indicates when they are within shooting range....

played 2.125 times
Play Panda Tactical Sniper 2
Panda Tactical Sniper 2 game free online

Panda Tactical Sniper 2 Game HOT

Panda is planning a heist. He needs your expertise to get him and his team into a museum and help him get his greedy little paws on the biggest diamond you've ever seen! First though...

played 1.863 times
Play Vantage Point Split Second
Vantage Point Split Second game free online

Vantage Point Split Second Game HOT

Snipe all the shooters that pop out from the building windows. Don't shoot bystanders. Show me your sniper skills! You are a Secret Service Agent. Protect the President from woul...

played 1.800 times
Play Sift Heads 3 Chicago
Sift Heads 3 Chicago game free online

Sift Heads 3 Chicago Game HOT

The time has come! Now you are able to kill all the mafia dudes in the full game of Sift Heads 3! Solve Puzzles, Fight and shoot your way through another Sift Heads game. Play as Vin...

played 5.579 times
Play Clear Vision
Clear Vision game free online

Clear Vision Game HOT

You are an elite soldier, trained in a camp against your will for nany years, find now you are a free man working as a hitian and will be given different missions to accomplish. Bet...

played 4.387 times
Play Alien Scope
Alien Scope game free online

Alien Scope Game HOT

Shoot aliens to protect your gem miners on distant planets. When the miners collect their gems, shoot the gems from their hands. Collect enough gems to get to the next level. You...

played 4.289 times
Play Urban Sniper 2 Vengeance
Urban Sniper 2 Vengeance game free online

Urban Sniper 2 Vengeance Game HOT

You're a highly skilled sniper out to get revenge on a mob boss for making you kill your own father. Your missions will be sent via e-mail, so check your computer for new messages....

played 4.197 times
Play Phantom Sniper
Phantom Sniper game free online

Phantom Sniper Game HOT

Play as a renowned sniper who is going against the very group he was a part of, the Kenzu Army. You were a rogue soldier who joined the Kenzu army, a group of rebels, in hopes of the...

played 4.153 times
Play Sniper Assassin
Sniper Assassin game free online

Sniper Assassin Game HOT

A few more levels of getting missions and shooting stick figures with your sniper rifle.

played 4.010 times
Play Tactical Assassin 3 Substratum
Tactical Assassin 3 Substratum game free online

Tactical Assassin 3 Substratum Game HOT

More missions to test your Tactical Assassination skills! Welcome, Assassin. Firstly, your resume of killings has intruiged many clients into using your talent. From a financial poi...

played 3.524 times