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Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) game

Play Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) free online now. The first episode of the epic space game Aether. You take on the role of a pilot whose ship has fallen under distress an... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 2.555 times
Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) game info

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Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) Online Game

Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) Game Description

The first episode of the epic space game Aether. You take on the role of a pilot whose ship has fallen under distress and must fight off wave after waver of missiles while you try to gather the required resources to repair you ship. This game is difficult, and will take practice if you hope to ever beat it or its following episodes.

Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) Game Instructions

Your ship pivots around a polar coordinate system. Type in the angle (In degrees) that you want to turn and your ship will slowly move in that direction.

You can not fire and shoot and the same time, so you must be quick with your angle measurements.

Collect gems for upgrades, and don't let your health reach zero.

Destroy all the missiles from a level and you will receive a bonus round in which you can collect even more gems to help buy yourself upgrades.

Different gem colors have different values as well as different missile colors represent different kinds of missiles. It is your responsibility to learn what represents what.

On a final note, there is hidden content packed into every crease of the game; if you keep your wits about you, you may unlock powerful content like news ships or added weaponry.

Enter desired angle with keyboard and hit enter to begin to run.

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Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) Screenshot

Aether Episode 1 (Missangular) Game
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Game name: Aether Episode 1 (Missangular)
Played: 2.555 times
Category: Action games » Space games
Author: Unpractical Math

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