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Space DX game

Play Space DX free online now. Destroy other ships, gain more fuel, destroy more ships, gain even more fuel. The main objective is... Read more

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Played: 2.394 times
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Space DX Online Game

Space DX Game Description

Destroy other ships, gain more fuel, destroy more ships, gain even more fuel. The main objective is to collect money before the enemy alien does. Also collect different power-ups like: Gas, Life, Shield.

Space DX Game Instructions

Player 1,
movement: UP, right, left
Shield: num 0

Player 2
movement: W, D, A
Shield: Space

When the game starts you are (if it's your first time playing ) recommended to play free space first. In all the other levels you have the risk of being destroyed by the different enemies.

Between every level you have the possibility of buying upgrades with the money you have collected. These upgrades enhance your ship in different ways, such as speed. Every level ends either when yourun out of gas or-when you die. When you die you lose all your money. If you use shields you are [vulnerable to all enemies for a period of time. The goal Is to collect as much money as possible. Buying stuff and dying does not affect your final score, it is only the amount of money collected that is vital. Good luck.

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Space DX Game
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Game name: Space DX
Played: 2.394 times
Category: Action games » Space games
Author: Unknown

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